Hi everyone! I'm Kat, the blogger and mama behind Phil and Mama, a life-changing and creative resource for working new parents seeking tips and strategies to optimize time while working, juggling babies or toddlers, and living beautifully everyday. I'm a doctor of physical therapy, certified lymphedema therapist, indie author, and (relatively) new mama who holds two very different day jobs- one as a SAHM on the weekdays and a doctor of physical therapy on the weekends. As of May 2017, we've moved cross-country from NYC to Seattle, WA.

Rest in peace, beloved grandpa... <3 love you forever and ever

Rest in peace, beloved grandpa... <3 love you forever and ever

How did this blog start?

On the morning of October 6th, 2014, I lost someone very dear to me, my grandfather Guan, to metastatic cancer. Two weeks after his death, while I was still mourning (and I still do to this day), I was laid off from my dream job. 

My son, Phil, had just turned one and I felt well-adjusted to my new life: working full-time, going to graduate school, writing books, and taking care of my young family. At least on the outside, I appeared strong, but in reality, my bones were tired. I felt so ugly post-pregnancy. My body was a foreign object to me. My c-section scar burned and looked like a wicked smiling mouth under my belly. I was sick a lot from all the penicillin that they pumped into me during labor. I knew I had postpartum depression, but was too ashamed to admit it. My poor husband just rolled with all my punches. 

Losing my grandfather and then my job shocked my system, and I sunk deeper into a dark, unhappy place as I struggled to cope with my losses. I was angry that I, a health professional, was unable to prevent my grandfather's suffering, and convince him to utilize hospice services sooner. Two days before he passed away, he finally received palliative care.

I hated everything about me. I felt like a failure and I couldn't see all that that was wonderful in my life. 

There were constant sources of sunshine in my life: Baby Phil. His smiles, his quirks, his giggles and fear of tickles. My husband, J., always loyal and loving, stood by my side, and lifted and supported me. My young family's love pulled me out of my depression and showed me how very beautiful life is. 

Through time, my sadness eased, and I fondly thought about my grandfather, remembering the happy moments we had shared when he lived. One of the last things that he said to me was,

Be great. You’re going to be great. Ka Lai (my name in Cantonese) will be a Nui Keung Yan *powerful working woman*.

Even though cancer ate away his body, his smile was still sunshine in my heart. Gramps, I'll love you forever... Not a day goes by without me missing him and remembering his words.

Enlightened, my passion for helping other new parents live beautifully has grown, and it's transformed my own life. What started as a diary/blog of sorts (I launched this site in two days!) has now become a resource for new mommies and daddies who lead busy, busy lives. Chances are, you found this blog through my Allbirds reviews, KonMari Method posts, Soylent reviews, or free printables posts. My hope is that everyone who visits this site can walk away with inspiration, tips, and strategies to live wonderfully and beautifully, even in stressful, fast-paced worlds like NYC and Seattle.

Be sure to stay a while and check out some of the great resources you'll find here!

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