Free Printable Holiday Cards, Free Holiday E-Cards to send in Emails

The holidays are coming and this year! You can save money on buying and mailing paper-based holiday and new year cards by either printing your own or sending over an e-card! Here, you can download a set of free e-cards and a printable PDF file (scroll to the end), or you can learn to make your own at by following my easy-to-follow tutorials here and here.

Here's a cute "Happy Holidays!" e-card with many of the colors of the holidays to come! To send this as an e-card, right click on the image with your mouse, save the image, and attach it to your emails that you will send to your loved ones and friends. You can also add some text like "From the Browns to the Lees..." using a graphic software (Photoshop, PowerPoint even, Paint), or even itself!

A Merry Christmas to you all! 

Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I've included more Christmas e-cards and printables here.

Have a Happy Hanukkah too!

Spread joy and peace and holiday cheer! 

"Aujourd'hui nous sommes toutes les parisiens..." Peace, love, and joy to all! 

Season's Greetings!!!

At work today, one of my coworkers said that he can't wait for Thanksgiving pies!! 

Happy Holidays 2015, and Happy New Year to all! What do you think of these free e-card templates from Check out the free web app and make your own-- these were all part of their basic free sets, with little modifications from me! 

>>Download this Printable Set of Holiday Cards Here<<

Once again, you can learn to make your own at by following my easy-to-follow tutorials here and here. If you do use these cards, please be sure to adhere to the terms of use conditions that has put out regarding their royalty-free images: