The Best Gifts for Young Girls in this Digital Age: The Hottest and New Toys Guide for the 2015 Holiday and Christmas Season Guaranteed to Draw their Attention away from Smartphones and Tablets!

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"It's great to be a kid these days." My parents used to say that all the time back in the 90s. Now that I'm a parent (who is also a millennial), I find myself saying the same thing every time I shop for toys online. With Christmas looming ahead and having many nieces and nephews to shop for, I'm scrambling to find the best and hottest new toys for those picky little rugrats. 

Toys have to compete with smartphone and tablet apps and games, so it's a challenge to find toys that will hold a child's attention and gain their affection, and not waste your money.

Best Dolls for Young, Pre-tween and Tween girls (and the little girls inside adult women!)

Monster High, Ever After High, and My Little Pony for the win! For my friend's daughter Emi, I bought the Ever After High C.A. Cupid doll. She "enchants in a spellbinding Grecian-inspired look inspired by the winged Pegasus!" The little girl in me fell in love with this dollie's pink hair, the details in her dress, and the fancy accessories! Just look at her gold, knee-high gladiator style sandals!

*You can buy C.A Cupid for under ~$19USD on Amazon and if you're an Amazon Prime member, it'll be shipped to your door (or the lucky child's door) on time for Christmas, with time to spare!


Earlier this year for her birthday, I bought Anika, my husband's niece, the Monster High Boo York, Boo York Gala Ghoulfriends Luna Mothews Doll for under ~$20 USD. I loved her golden butterfly headdress, her pretty wings, and those eyebrows of hers are definitely on fleek. Anika, a super fan of her iPad Mini and the hundreds of games that she had downloaded,  turned nine this year and she loved the doll.

I think you also won't go wrong with Disney's Elsa and Anna dolls. Frozen is still pretty big this year. Barbie is still a hit with young girls and adults, as all Disney's Descendant Dolls, though frankly, I'm not in love with that line of dolls.


The Disney Descendants Signature Evie Isle of the Lost Doll is a little under $22USD. Her face reminds me of Barbie's and a Disney Princess, but her head just looks a little out of place, not small enough to be "realistic" and not big enough to be more "cartoony" like the Monster High and Ever After High dolls. I'm sure, however, that fans of Disney Descendants will appreciate this line of dolls. Her tights are pretty cool and she has crowns on her boots, so 'nuff said!

Having bought something for Anika for her birthday, I also bought something for her five-year-old sister Amanda, so that Amanda didn't feel left out. Amanda is obsessed with My Little Ponies. Her favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. Amanda has all sorts of My Little Pony toys, including the Equestria Girls Singing Pinkie Pie Doll, which is under $15USD on Amazon at the moment. During Anika's birthday, Amanda got the My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe Playset which is also under $15USD. Anika had to build this toy for her little sister. After the toy was erected, Amanda refused to share it with her older sister. Tantrums ensued.

Best Building Sets for Girls

I'm a huge Lego fan. We live in a very small condo and have five sets of Lego Creator Modular Buildings in storage. I can't wait to build them all one day in a larger home! But for now, I happily stare at their pristine boxes... In the past year, I had bought Lego Friends Building sets for Amanda and Anika, and for the Hannah and Sara, the daughters of my close friends. All four girls have always loved receiving Lego Friends sets! For Christmas, I bought Anika the LEGO Friends 41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon which has dropped in price to be a little under $20USD! I will confess that I wanted to gift this set to myself because it would look perfect next to my Parisian Restaurant (Chez Albert) set!

Sara and Hannah initially received a Lego Disney Princess set from me. They asked their parents to return it so that they could get a Lego Friends set instead. From experience, it appears that young girls would prefer to receive Lego Friends sets versus the Disney Princess sets from Lego, but I do wonder what they think about the Disney Princess Frozen Lego set, given how popular Anna and Elsa are! This set isn't inexpensive, going for a little under $60USD on Amazon. If you're a fan of Lego products, I recommend that you become a Lego VIP. As a member, you earn so many perks from Lego, such as coupons, access to exclusive sets, and awesome freebies!

Best Creative Sets for Girls

For a little under $16USD, you can gift a headband making set to the fashionistas in your life. The set comes with 10 headbands and cute accessories. Your little designers will have a lot of fun designing headbands. Some people do complain that the headbands aren't very comfortable when worn, but hey, this set is a steal for it's price! It will steal the children's attention away from their smartphones and tablets, for hours at least!

Also for a little under $16USD, you can buy an 80-piece Deluxe Art Set on Amazon. This set is also a steal at its price; plus, it has over 3000 reviews on Amazon! I'm positive that creative boys would also appreciate this gift, along with the artistic and creative adults in your life! This set is not intended for children under three years old. Children under three, in my honest opinion, should only play with non-toxic and washable art mediums! Of course, true artists would not admire this set's quality, but as a gift, this will hit a home run!

So what do you think about this gift guide? Is it helpful? Will you get any of these as presents this holiday season for the young girls those who are young-girls-at-heart in your life?

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