Giant Surprise Play Doh Eggs and Other Addictive Youtube Videos: Disney Princess Moana and Elsa as a Vampire!

Late last year, I shot videos of myself folding clothes at home using my iPhone 6 Plus. I left the videos alone for the most part and to my surprise, they garnered thousands of views organically. 

I never liked shooting and processing photos and videos too much; it just takes too much time. Recently, however, I've begun to enjoy creating Youtube videos immensely, and am able to make a few bucks (literally just a few bucks!) while I'm at it. Youtube is a lucrative medium for those with time and talent, and especially uniqueness and the ability to fit into or create a niche for themselves. Now, I'm nowhere near being able to replace my two day jobs with running a Youtube Channel full-time. I don't think it's 100% about that. I think it's about sharing our little world and our loves and interests. I will admit to envying those who make millions a year (or even six figures) opening toys and molding Play Doh! 

Open a Disney Pixar Movie Coco Surprise Egg Miguel Rivera and a Calavera. What fun surprises are inside? 

In the late hours past midnight for the past two weekends, I've been making some videos (hence my lack of activity on the blog.) We'd love to share some of our videos with you. Check them out! We launched a new Youtube Channel called PhilandMama Toys. 

We made a GIANT Disney Princess MOANA Play Doh Surprise Egg filled with lots of fun surprises for girls and boys, such as Funko Mystery Minis, Unicorno, Shopkins Season 5, Lego Minifigures and more. Disney's newest princess, Moana, is of Polynesia descent and her movie is coming out November 23rd, 2016. She's voiced by a fourteen year old Hawaiian girl named Auli'i Cravalho. What a dream come true for this young star! We can't wait to see Moana and watch this awesome  princess embark on a magical, spiritual and adventurous journey with a demi-god, Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson!

We also made a Giant Vampire Elsa Surprise Egg with 100% Play Doh, and filled her with so many surprises! She's a vampire with Frozen Blood, fangs, and beautiful red and black hair! 

This one features Elsa getting married. Who is her significant other? What do you think about #GiveElsaAGirlfriend in Frozen 2?

These eggs are not easy to make. Both of them took me at least four hours to complete, and dozens of cans of Play Doh. Look at how much Play Doh we've amassed! 


I've had so much fun making Youtube videos and creating Play Doh surprise eggs both giant sized and normal sized. Phil loves watching my videos on loop; he gets to hear my silly voice when I'm at work, and feel connected to his toy-loving mama.

Do you create Youtube videos? Let's be friends! Have you made any Play Doh surprise eggs? Let us know!