Interview with #BabyLove Author Corine Dehghanpisheh and Book Giveaway!

This month, we interviewed author Corine Dehghanisheh, a Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient and a Next Generation Indie Author Finalist for her debut children’s book Can We Play Again?. Corine recently moved to Dallas, TX from NYC with her family. That's awesome, Corine. Phil and Mama are also going to move away from NYC soon! We're so happy that you've stopped by. To begin... 

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a curious and creative kid at heart. I love the imagination involved in writing and illustrating children’s books. Most importantly my family and friends are the ultimate favorite part of my life.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everyday interactions and observations inspire my creative work.  Whether I am drawing or writing, my work usually reflects what is going on in life.

I love turning everyday happenings into interesting stories.  

Please share a piece of advice you have for new parents.

Remember to live life in the moment- time goes by incredibly fast. Cherish each day, even the tough ones.  Just when you get used to life it changes in an instant. 

For example, as my daughter continues to grow up everything changes so fast from her size to her daily capabilities.

One day she started babbling, the next thing I knew she started saying one word here or there.  Suddenly she began stating short sentences.  Now at a little over two and half she talks in complete sentences and can even tell a very short story. 

Her little personality gets bigger and bigger every day.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?  Is there anything that you dread?

The toughest part of the creative process for me is starting a new project. 

Don’t get me wrong I love it, it is exciting, and the possibilities are endless.  However, it usually takes me longer than I like to get focused on one project.  I tend to work on several ideas until one really takes off and starts to flow. 

My favorite part of the creative process is being in the middle of it all.  That is when I am most creative and relaxed with a project. 

I also love collaborating with others.  Collaboration helps me focus on what I am good at while others assist me with everything else.    

How did you begin writing?  What was your “aha” moment?

I have always been a writer.  From the time I can remember, I was drawing and coloring and then reading and writing.  I love that I can combine my passions together. 

I never had an “aha” moment.  Instead I have had many ideas that have turned into four completed books and hopefully more on the way.

Corine wrote and illustrated this cute boy called #BabyLove: My Toddler Life. It's super cute and about a toddler who loves to play with his mommy's smartphone. The message in Corine's book is sweet and simple: Put down our phones, Mommies and Daddies out there! 

If you'd like to enter to win a copy of the book, write a comment below. We will pick a random winner from the comments below. The winner must reside within the United States.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Corine. Phil and Mama enjoyed reading your book together very much! Happy reading everyone! 

*This is not a sponsored post. Aside from receiving a free copy of Corine's book, #BabyLove, we were not compensated for this post.