Summer Soup and Smoothie Cleansing, then Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb "Dieting" | New season, new you

Hi friends! I can't believe August of 2018 is here. Thankfully, we still have a lot of summer left! Our family has been busy all summer long with house renovations, outdoor activities (paddle boarding!), and summer camp at vacation bible schools for Phil. Sometimes, we've forgotten to slow down and nourish our bodies with good, nutritious foods and have settled for fast-food, which we immediately regret! Luckily Splendid Spoon came to the rescue! For five days a week, I've been able to not think about my breakfasts and lunches. I slowly enjoy a delicious smoothie all morning and then have a bowl of soup for lunch. That's fifteen meals! All vegan, cleansing, refreshing, and super nourishing. My favorite smoothie from Splendid Spoon is the Plant-Based Probiotic Smoothie, made with organic bananas, almonds, pea protein, flax seed, and a vegan probiotic. My husband, I'm not kidding, fights me for this smoothie! 

On the fifth day, I cleanse with delicious broths and soups from Splendid Spoon, also vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free! Your body will thank you for the energy, for the detox, and for all the wonderful veggies and fruits you've nourished it with!


Splendid Spoon is a Brooklyn-based company that ships their delicious ready-to-eat program throughout the United States. You can feel the love poured into every smoothie and soup. The smoothies have a lot less sugar than the other commercial smoothies out there. The packaging is gorgeous, and the customer service is unbeatable. Try the program out for yourself. For only $125 a week, you don't have to think about 15 meals. Your body will adjust to a cleaner, vegan diet, and you'll drop some fat (not just pounds) along the way! With all these liquids packed with natural electrolytes, you'll stay hydrated all summer! 

I highly recommend you try Splendid Spoon's Program 2.0 for a week this summer. Refresh your body, cleanse your system, and save on time. Let me know what you think! 

Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb Dieting

Now that I've completed my week of cleansing, I've moved onto embracing intermittent fasting and eating less carbs. In two weeks, I've lost more than eight pounds, averaging at more than half a pound a day. This rapid weight loss will not last, and will teeter off eventually. Despite eating less to no carbs, I haven't been cranky, and I haven't gone to sleep hungry. 

The secret to intermittent fasting is to stop eating at eight PM every day, but you can drink water or sparkling water. I have chosen to fast for sixteen hours a day, which means I start eating around noontime and I stop eating at exactly eight PM. This doesn't work for everyone, especially for those who get hangry, and those who have health conditions such as diabetes. You can definitely have a hearty breakfast in the morning full of fiber and protein, but skip bagels, waffles, and sugar-laden yogurts or cereals. A good breakfast would be one to two boiled eggs and some greek yogurt with berries. 

As for lowering my carb intake, I have opted for salads as a base instead of rice for most dishes. I've cut out pasta, sugary snacks, but have kept eating berries and fruits. I've cut out all sugary drinks, and will only drink water, unsweetened teas, and coffee without sugar. I snack on walnuts and pistachios. 

I'm resetting my body, helping with my insulin levels, changing up my gut bacteria, and protecting my pancreas. When I say dieting, I mean changing my eating habits, but not starving myself. I want to become healthier, and leaner so I can run faster and protect my joints as I age. 

I recommend you read up on some research out there about intermittent fasting, and see if it's right for you. Here are some research articles we've curated for you:




In the past, I've been gaining about five pounds every year, topping off at 188 when I was fully pregnant with Phil. In the past two years, I've been able to keep my weight down, and not gain that dreaded five pounds a year. I've been eating better, more picky with my foods, and avoiding highly-processed junk. Be sure to leave comments and questions for us, we'd love to responds to them all! 

Happy eating, reading, and enjoying the rest of your summer, friends! 

*Please note that Phil and Mama is a brand ambassador for Splendid Spoon and we have an affiliate link in our post.