Why I'm completely enamored with Sakara Life Plant-based Organic Meals and Clean Boutique offerings

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Hi friends! For many years now, I’ve been pushing myself to change my eating habits, and eat more whole and plant-based foods. I fully believe the world will be a cleaner and better place when more of us choose to eat with our forks versus our knives. (The meat and dairy industry are huge polluters and contributors to global warming.)

Sakara Life’s Plant-based organic meals make it easy for us to change our eating habits and transform our palates because these meals are so darn good. When I unboxed my first meal program, I fell in love. I saw how fresh the salads were, and how prettily everything was packaged. (I do wish Sakara Life uses compostable containers instead of plastic ones, but their current containers are easily recyclable.) With a Sakara Life delivery, it’s easy for you to eat healthier and cleaner as everything is already planned out for you. You just have to do a little prep work, such as heating in the oven, simmering in a pan, or simply mixing dressing with greens.

The meals were shipped from New York to Washington state, and my salads were fresh, with nary a wilted leaf in sight. I love how every meal is prepared with organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO ingredients. You’ll taste a lot of umami flavors. I love the almond butter in my Veggie Satay Bowl! The vegan “burger” that came with daily greens was delicious and packed with nutrients. Just look at how beautiful and satisfying that salad is! I can eat it every day!

We are what we eat, and food can heal us, better than medicine. So many people are developing stomach and intestinal cancers at younger ages. We’re not eating enough fiber or cleansing our bodies with greens. We’re meant to chew our foods, and our digestion needs to be challenged with roughage. We are also not meant to eat so many foods with processed sugars. Sakara Life meals eliminate refined sugars from your diet.

Sakara Life meal programs will change the way you feel about food, and if you’re not already a vegan or vegetarian, you will start appreciating greens more. I find myself ordering and making more salads, craving veggies, and choosing healthier options when I cook or eat out.

Sakara Life meal programs aren’t cheap, so they’re not for everyone. And some of the meals do require an oven or stove to prep, so they’re not as easily transportable as meals that only require a microwave to prep. But think about it this way, you’re getting three unique meals a day, tips on eating healthier, and other goodies such as their detox teas that eliminate bloat. The ingredients are organic, gluten and dairy-free, and the meal programs don’t encourage you to diet, but to change your lifestyle and help you start feeling like your best self. When you’re eating no refined sugars, and more whole, plant-based foods filled with organic and fresh ingredients, your body will heal in so many ways. I know mine has, and I’m so excited about it.

Aside from the meal programs, I also love the Collagen chocolates from Sakara Life, and the Dark Chocolate Granola is to die for! Have you heard of ashwagandha? Well it’s one of the superfoods in the granola.

My friends, I am completely enamored with Sakara Life’s meals and products, and wanted to share this with you. Happy eating and hoping you’ll embrace a planet-saving lifestyle and eating habit!

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