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Embracing the Planet Diet and how we're reducing our carbon footprint and fighting global warming/climate change as a family

Hi friends! We’re sharing tips on how we are reducing our carbon footprint as a family, and the steps we’re taking to help combat climate change and global warming. Let’s make this our personal missions!

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Super Simple Thanksgiving and Holiday Dessert Recipes for Busy Parents: Red Wine Hot Chocolate with Fresh Whip Recipe

This holiday seasons, we’re serving delicious treats made from super simple recipes. Learn how to make an amazing pumpkin pie with us, and wine-infused hot cocoa!

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Simple Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe (Spicy or Non-Spicy!)

I love flourless chocolate cakes, and recently developed this simple recipe to make a scrumptious and decadent flourless chocolate cake. To spice things up, you can add cayenne powder!

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100% Honest Review: A "Vegucated" Mom's Review of 3 Beyond Meat products + Quick and easy recipes!
100% Honest: Review of Grainful Steel Cut Sides: Savory Oatmeal for Lunch and Dinner!
Mama Vegucated: This New Mama's Emotional Adventure Losing Pregnancy Pounds, and Embracing Plant-Based Living
Baby's Medieval Times Adventure: Taking a baby or toddler to Medieval Times, Yay or Nay?

Are you thinking of taking your baby or toddler to Medieval Times? Are you wondering if that's a good idea? Well we did it, and in hindsight, we would have waited until Phil was older to bring him to Medieval Times. If you don't purchase an extra seat for your child, he or she would have to sit on your laps. And you can't bring a stroller into the "arena." So I'd advise for you to not go to Medieval Times for now with a small baby or toddler. He or she won't be able to enjoy the show anyway, and the food isn't baby friend either! A whole chicken eaten with your hands! Hot vegetable soup! Ribs!

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Baby's first Korean Barbecue (BBQ) Adventure: Yummy, Fun and Healthy Foods for Baby

Have you thought about taking your child to enjoy Korean BBQ? What a treat? You won't regret it. Phil has eaten at so many restaurants, and has learned to enjoy little adventures and delicious meals with us. What a treat Korean BBQ was for Phil! 

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Baby's First Sushi Adventure

Have you thought about introducing your child to sushi? Phil started eating sushi around 12 months old (1 year old). He hasn't tried the raw seafood sushi yet, but has eaten sushi with fried veggies (tempura) and California rolls, which include fake crab meat and avocados. Sushi is an amazing finger food for babies and toddlers. They can play with it, explore it, taste it! Sushi is great for babies who can eat solid foods! Check out our sushi adventure!

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