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Why I'm not returning my Allbirds Sugar Zeffers in Limoncello | Honest review of Allbirds Sugar Zeffers

We’ve tried and reviewed the elusive Allbirds Sugar Zeffers, and have decided to keep them! Let’s talk about why these sustainable flip flops made from sugar canes are deliciously appealing!

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Why I returned my Allbirds Wool Runners & kept my Allbirds Tree Skippers and Tree Runners | Honest Review and comparison of Allbirds Wool Runners vs Tree Runners & Skippers vs Wool Loungers

Hi friends! I've bought three new pairs of Allbirds to test out and review. Find out which ones I keep and which ones I return, and why. I compare the Allbirds Wool Runners, Tree Runners, and Tree Skippers. 

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