Finding The Perfect Pair of “Mom Jeans” (Guest Post) by Gracia Smith

Guest Post by Gracia Smith

Mom jeans are back

and super fashionable

Mom or not, the mom jeans trend is back and in style! If you’re looking to hop onboard this jean trend, you might be completely clueless on where to start.

As if jeans weren’t already hard enough to shop for, mom jeans have a particular style and fit that can be hard to match if you’re not familiar with them. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect pair of mom jeans the next time you go shopping.


The classic pair of “mom jeans” is known to provide comfort and flexibility for the true mom who lives an active lifestyle. If you are used to the skin-tight skinny jeans, then you’ll be pleased to know that mom jeans are a little bit less form-fitting and comfortable. Mom jeans leave a little bit more room around the thighs, creating an almost baggy type of look without looking like the wrong size fit. You’ll still want your jeans to be a snug and form fit, so don’t go overboard with the baggy look and keep it somewhere in between.


Say goodbye to ultra low cut jeans and say hello to your waistline! Mom jeans tend to have higher waist lines, so when you’re shopping for the perfect pair make sure that your jeans are fitted around your waist. One of the perks about high waisted jeans is the allusion they give of an hourglass shape. For those who are too shy to show some midriff, high waisted jeans cover your stomach and cinch the waist in for a slimmer appearance. Pair your favorite boutique jeans with a chic crop top, and your look will be complete!


Mom jeans should look worn and used, and usually come in lighter colors as this gives a vintage sort of style. There are a variety of jean fades available on the market, so it’s easy to get confused as to which ones are fitting for the mom jean. You don’t want your fade to be extremely noticeable, or have a sharp contrast in coloring. Instead, you’ll want any type of fade to blend in naturally and be remotely similar in color. Steer clear of dark jeans with a very light fade, as this is not the typical mom jean style and creates a different appearance and trend.


Real mom jeans take on a lot of wear and tear, so if you’re looking to match the trend as close as you can get, then it’s important to get the perfect distressed look. A small hole here or there is okay, but excessively large holes or too many of them won’t fit the look. You’ll want the distress to look natural rather than intentionally overdone. Minor rips and tears with some discoloration will give your mom jeans the natural wear and tear design that won’t appear too commercial or store made. 


Moms need their hands free and millennials need space for their smartphones; either way, the pockets on mom jeans are important for the person wearing them! Go for a wider pocket in the back, and two regular pockets in the front for a mom jean look. The larger back pocket will help to accentuate an hourglass figure with the high waisted fit. Pockets are also important to the appearance it gives your hips and bum! Smaller pockets can often make a tush stand out and look larger, but bigger pockets can reshape your body to appear slimmer.


The classic bottom cut for mom jeans is more of a straight or slight boot cut, rather than flare or fitted. The latest trend with skinny jeans has women wearing ankle fitting jeans, but with a straight or boot cut you’ll find that mom jeans have a more casual feel. The type of cut also helps the overall flexibility and comfort of the jeans too, so it’s important to consider your personal preference when trying on different pairs.

Each jean is designed different from one another, so it’s important to try and stay positive when trying on mom jeans. Just like any other jean trend, it’s difficult to find the perfect pair without doing a little bit of shopping or research. If you stick to these helpful tips and stay open minded, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of mom jeans!