5 things a father should teach his children (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Beth Martel

Parents are often a child’s first role models. The parents’ action and advice matter. Parents play a great role in the lives of their little ones. Though parents are now busier than ever, it’s important to be present and engaged when spending time with children. Giving children your time, and trying to teach them something new each day, will help them throughout their growing up journey.

Our society tends to celebrate motherhood, and focus on the parenting ways, struggles, and/or techniques of mommies. Parenting is an equal opportunity role, so fret not, daddies out there!

Here are a few things fathers (or mothers!) should teach their child(ren): 

1.    A firm handshake:

We teach our kids to shake hands with others but often forget to teach them the proper way of doing it. A handshake might seem like a mere thing, but it matters a lot! It’s part of the first impression we make to new people we meet. It is the first thing that shows one’s composure and confidence to others. Teach your child to always hold the hand firmly (but not so firm as to crushing the other person’s hand), with a smile and keep eye contact.

2.    Civic Ethics:

Make sure you teach them the civic ethics each time you are out. Give them real life examples on the road to make them understand in the best way. For example, teach them to keep our roads and environments clean, and teach them to cross the street when the lights are green. Teach them, when they're ready, to stop the car when the light is red, or at a STOP sign.

3.    Introduce and develop compassion:

Compassion is essential and can eradicate aggression slowly, and make your young ones more polite and thoughtful. Your kids observe and learn from your actions more than your words.

Therefore, show them what compassion is with your actions. Make sure you help others, talk politely and feel others pain (empathize!), and give your children opportunities to participate too. You could take them to a soup kitchen, or volunteer with them at a local not-for-profit organization. Talk with your child(ren) and ask them, “How did it feel when you helped so-and-so? What did you like about helping others? How else do you think we can help?”

4.    Give them financial awareness:

It is important to teach your child the proper way of earning, spending and saving money. This can be done by discussing with them about the great personalities who made money and it the best way.

Also, trust them with a little pocket money but do keep a check what they spend it on. Give them constructive ideas to use their pocket money in the best possible manner. Give them a piggy bank.

5.    Teach them how to negotiate:

Teaching your kids how to resolve their conflicts in a constructive manner is essential. Develop an ability in them to know when to stand for their rights and when to be open and flexible. They must know how to address people when they are in a conflict. You can teach this not only by your words but also by your actions.

About the author

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com.