Powerhouse Foods for Breastfeeding New Mums!

Guest Post by Breanne

Life as a new mum is one full of boundless changes. Frazzled as you may be, you should grace it with preparedness and utmost calmness. As is usually customary,  you will be swamped and flooded with advice. An inescapable part and parcel of becoming a mum, information will come from everywhere—from relatives, well-wishers, friends, and even your own research on parenting.

It would seem daunting, assisting your brain to evaluate and process all that information, all whilst keeping your energy on top form. You ask how? By keeping your nutrition in tip-top condition of course!

A diet replete in nutritional powerhouse foods is exactly what every new mum needs for her wellbeing and that of her baby. Eating the right kinds of food will assist you vitally, while you cope with this life-changing experience. Helping you recover from birthing, keeping the breast milk flow adequate, and helping you get back in shape with time are just a few of the benefits. Remember, you are also eating for two—for the new bundle of joy who will benefit just as much from a proper, healthy eating plan.

Protein is the wholesome building block that benefits both you and your baby. A key constituent of breast milk that helps guarantee healthy growth and development of the child, keeping your protein sources up is a crucial part of a pre and post birthing eating plan. A lean protein-filled diet will keep refilling the constantly depleting

resources that breastfeeding demands. That, combined with a range of veggies, fruits, and whole grains will ensure that your energy levels are running at full power.

Then again, you can take your nutrition many levels up with some extra powerhouse ingredients. Delicious and versatile enough to be a part of different meals, the below will put you on the road to wellbeing in no time.


All that hype about avocados? It is true. Avocados are protein-filled fruits vital for cell growth in the new mum and the baby. Not only do avocados guarantee a noteworthy amount of protein, they also serve as a creamy and sumptuous addition to a variety of meal plans for the new mum.


Guava is a tropical wonder fruit opulent in high-profile nutrients. With its distinctive flavor, unique taste, and health-stimulating qualities, the fruit fits into that exemplary powerhouse category which is very paramount to a new mum.

Beans, Peas, and Lentils


These high-protein beasts can hugely benefit the new mum and her baby. Are you someone who likes variety? Beans and lentils come in many different types and they all still deliver much needed nutrients. In fact, soybeans have more protein content than any other beans; the same amount of protein in 150 grams of chicken will be provided by a single portion of cooked soybeans. These wonder beans promote digestive health in the new mum, thus ensuring a perfect breastfeeding experience for her and the baby.


Research has indicated that seeds, specifically chia seeds, boast a fair volume of protein. It is also one of the most weight loss-friendly ingredients that allows the new mum to attain the leanest of proteins. A great alternative to animal products, its richness will definitely trickle down to the baby as well. It gets better though. Chia seeds don’t contain cholesterol unlike many other seeds, and are high in calcium making your teeth and bones stronger. Other great seed additions you can try are pumpkin, squash, sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds.


The versatility of spinach is quite unbelievable and not really well known. A new mum should consider having spinach incorporated into her meals regularly. Although it can be included in both cooked and raw forms, I choose to blend mine alongside other fruits and vegetables. But then again, I have also been known to blend it with my pancake batter! A good intake of spinach will fill you up on iron, alongside giving a decent dose of protein and calcium.


Crunchy, buttery, and sumptuous nuts are delightful gifts to a new mum from Mother Nature. They serve as protein-packed, ready-to-eat snacks that are easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime. Roasted peanuts, macadamia nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, and walnuts are extremely rich in protein. They should however be eaten in moderation due to the high fat content.

Good nutrition is thus just as paramount for your health as it is for the baby. A balanced, nutritious diet high in proteins is an important principle of breast-feeding. Make the best out of these heart-healthy powerhouse ingredients to get the best out of eating habits. After all, being a great new mum starts by taking good care of you first, enabling you to look after your baby better.

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