Throw Your Child a Back to School Party

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In most parts of the USA, school is just about to start. And most kids aren’t exactly thrilled about it. Can you blame them, though? Exchanging hours of fun and play for school work and studying isn’t every kid’s dream.

You can make the transition easier for your kids by throwing a back to school party for them and their friends. It will take the edge off of the situation. If you are looking for ideas, here are some.

Have a Face Painting or Tattoo Party

Kids just love art and colorful images. Having a face painting or temporary tattoos as a part of your party is a sure way to get their attention early on. You have a variety of topics to choose from, ranging from sports to animals to these Pokémon Go ones The great thing about these tattoos is that they are temporary and can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer but are durable enough to withstand washing for several days if they want to wear them for a little longer.

Play School Related Games

Getting your kids back into the mindset of a student might be challenging, but you can disguise these preparations as fun party games. This way, not only will the kids have fun, but they will also revise some of the schoolwork and be more prepared for school.

  • Spelling game – for younger kids, a really fun game can be made out of letter blocks. Pick out 10 random blocks and show them to all the kids. They each have a pen and paper and they try to make the longest word. In the end, you can give out prizes of school supplies to the best players.
  • Math chain – same as spelling game, this can be a fun way for kids to revise their math skills through a game. The first child answers a simple math problem; then the next child needs to use the result from the previous player and another number you give them and the mathematical operation to produce a result and so on. This way they also need to pay attention to others as well as themselves.
  • Trivia quiz – If your kids are a bit older, you can give them a trivia quiz about various school subjects. Children love to compete and show off their knowledge, and since this quiz covers so many topics, every kid can show off how much they know about their favorite topic. Make sure you look through their books from last year when making the questions.
  • Gym class – Physical activity is important for kids both at school and at home. So make sure that your party includes some exercises or sports.

Watch a Movie

Not everything about your back to school party needs to be about school. If you don’t have a big TV or a projector, you can rent one for the party and give them the cinema experience, with popcorn and everything else.

More and more parents are throwing this kind of parties to give the summer break one last hoorah before school starts. And it makes sense since it’s a fun and useful way to prepare your kids for school.

Please share some ideas with us on how you celebrate the end of summer, and your children returning to school :)

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