Finding the Best Electric Breast Pumps at Great Value

Which breast pump to buy?

As a new mother you should probably know that experts recommend breastfeeding for the first six months after your baby is born.  If you want to express milk efficiently you will need the help of a breast pump.  There are many types of breast pumps but we will go into a bit of detail about the various types:

Hospital Grade Pumps

This style of breast pump is hands down the heaviest duty available to breastfeeding mothers.  Your breasts will be stimulated in a fashion which will raise hormone levels increasing breast milk production from your body.

A hospital pump is so heavy duty it is actually approved by the FDA for multiple people to use!  More than one mother can use a hospital grade breast pump safely because they are designed with sanitary barriers preventing any contamination.  In the scenario where multiple mothers are sharing the same pump, each will have their own bottling kit.

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This style pump has strong motors providing high suction levels and efficient pumping.  Hospital grade breast pumps are also bigger and weigh more, which makes it less convenient to travel with than personal breast pumps.  Along with the size comes durability and most are covered by strong manufacture s warranties which may range from 3 to 5 years vs the standard 1 year warranty personal pumps have.

Electric Pumps

These pumps are for mothers who plan on expressing milk daily.  For those planning on going back to work after the baby is born then an electric pump makes plenty of sense.

Mothers who are working lean towards using electric pumps because they can express ample amounts of milk in a short time span.  If you need to increase you milk supply an electric pump will help you do that.  Models that have a double pump can further help reduce the time it takes to pump.

Downsides of an electric pump include heft and noise.  However, recent makers of breast pumps are investing in new technology which makes pumps lighter and quieter. In addition some models are battery operated making them that much easier for mothers on the go.

An electric breast pump generally will be more expensive than its manual counterpart.  For mothers who plan on feeding their baby breast milk all the time the price paid will justify the convenience. The majority of electric pumps will also come with a backpack or tote with room to store milk bottles and accessories.

Manual Pumps

If you are only going to be pumping on an occasional basis than this style of breast pump can meet your demands.  Most manual pumps are compact and weigh little so you can easily pack them for travel.

Another reason to consider manual breast pumps is the price, which is often low.  A lot of new mothers will go with a manual breast pump until they decide how long they plan to breastfeed as an electric pump costs quite a deal more.

An additional benefit of a manual pump is that it gives the mother control over the speed and suction while pumping.  The downside to this is I have heard of mothers getting tired while expressing milk and not being able to get enough for a feeding.


Decision Time

After looking at all the different options and reviewing our top picks for the best breast pump on the market, it’s up to you as the consumer to select what meets your needs.  You can easily look at what is in your desired price range, and what features will help make expressing breast milk a comfortable experience.

New breast pumps are being created every year, and for this reason we will update the comparison chart above as often as possible.  If you feel we have missed putting up a great breast pump let us know in the comments below.

Discover the best breast pump

Electric breast pumps are very useful for busy or working moms who want to have breast milk available to their babies at all times. Here are a few models that work well for this...

Medela Single Deluxe Battery/Electric Breast Pump

If you will be away from your baby once in a while, and still want to provide breast milk to him or her so that the caregiver can feed the baby, this breast pump works well.

This breast pump features an adjustable one-handed suction control for optimal comfort and convenience. The pumping rhythm is very simple and effective. It is lightweight, compact, and portable so you can pump virtually anywhere, anytime.

   You can use the battery power option (AA batteries) for use on-the-go. It also comes with a companion transformer so it can be plugged into any outlet without having to use batteries. The numerous attachments make it easy to transfer the breast milk into a standard baby bottle. These electric breast pumps retail for about $60.

Philips Avent ISIS iQ Uno Electric Breast Pump

   This convenient pump features a natural approach to pumping breast milk that encourages maximal expression and stimulates quick and natural let-down of the milk. The ergonomic designs make it very comfortable, and the soft petal massager imitates your baby's own suckling action.

   The memory button learns and imitates your own personal pumping rhythm for great comfort. The gentle-draw vacuum imitates the baby's sucking, which helps to create a steady flow of breast milk that will eventually require less pumping. You can power this pump by plugging it into an outlet, or you can use the batteries when you are out and about. These electric breast pumps retail for about $99.

Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Dual Electric Breast Pump

   This pump is very quiet and discreet, which makes its use anywhere very convenient. It is portable and compact, and can run off batteries if you are out. Otherwise, you can use the A/C adapter to plug into any outlet instead of using batteries. The adjustable vacuum control allows you to simulate your baby's sucking pressure. The soft horn insert gives you a nice custom fit which is very ergonomic.

   This pump features a comfort fit handle to maximize the ease of use. This is dishwasher safe, making it very easy to keep clean. It is compatible with most standard 4 ounce or 8 ounce bottles, and includes two pump units, two 4 ounce BPA-free bottles to collect the milk, two nipples, two cap rings, two hoods, two sealing discs, four disposable nursing pads, and a carrying case. These electric breast pumps retail for about $60.

The First Years Premium Single Electric Breast Pump

   This breast pump is easy and convenient to use for mothers who want to have breast milk stored for later use, or when she is not around. It is designed in consultation with lactation experts, and is ergonomically designed. It pumps directly into any standard bottle type or milk storage bag so the milk can be directly
   stored in the fridge or freezer for later use.

   This pump adjusts perfectly with any bottles you may be using, and includes a bonus breast flow bottle. It pumps relatively quickly, so you can pump both breasts in no time, and get on with your day. These electric breast pumps retail for about $60.

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