How to Save on Mattress Accessories By Using Discounts


Going for a new mattress is a big step, albeit one that could save you a lot of nighttime hassles and unease. A mattress expert suggested that one should go for a new mattress if they feel they need to get rid of the old one, not when they feel it’s convenient for them to do so. Having a grumpy night is no excuse for missing out on amazing mattress deals no matter the time of the year. Nonetheless, most people will just brush this off since they don't know the how-tos for online purchases and in-store negotiations. Those who have previously tried probably went about it the wrong way and ended up paying dearly after encountering tactful salesmen.

Why Your Comfort Should Be Prime

You wake up one morning and things don't just seem right. You are unusually tired even after sleeping for the last 7hours. Your joints ache and a devious thought at the back of your head whispers to you, "You might just be coming down with the flu." Well, everything else seems fine apart from a mild headache that you can't seem to get rid of even after your early morning cup of coffee. You rush to work expecting things to be different but alas! You are all moody at work and people start talking behind your back – it’s that time of the month. Your good friends come to your aid and just say it’s a bad hair day. To sum it all up, you can’t help falling asleep occasionally while seated in your office!

Most people experiencing some of these signs repeatedly end up self-diagnosing themselves all wrong. What they don’t seem to understand is that insufficient or disturbed sleep could attribute to all these and more symptoms. Sometimes they manifest themselves more severely on other individuals. Once you start noting all this, it’s about time to get you walking and taking action – about time to visit your mattress store.


Tough Negotiation is Key

First, you need to have conducted your thorough research and decided on the store that best suits your needs as well as price range. Don't be scared to make a visit to the large chain stores like these will surprisingly give you even more attractive discounts.

There is a plethora of online tools, resources and sites that will help you do the price comparisons and find the discounted deals. Celine Norah at suggests that most people end up paying hugely for beds and bed accessories they could get better prices for because they are not aggressive in their negotiation prowess.

As you shop around, you're likely to come by the same mattress kinds being offered in different pricing. The first thing is to ensure you are totally comfortable with the mattress pick you've gone for. Next, you need to understand salesmen psychology. These are the most common responses you'll get from the different sales person you'll encounter:

  • Depending on how charming you are or how much they need the sale, they might just drop the price immediately.

  • Some may offer to call the manager as a tactic but eventually end up dropping to a certain percentage. When this happens, if the deal is good, take it. If you think you can still get a better price cut-off, ask for the manager.

  • Carry the price comparison model with you as it will boost your bargaining power. If still adamant on reducing the price, go for the other deal.

  • Others may just say okay and let you leave. In such a case, save yourself the embarrassment and walk into the next store.

People also need to understand the most appropriate times to get the best discounts on mattresses and mattress accessories. You can get such discounts any time of the year, but during holiday weekends and on Black Friday, you're even likely to get as much as 60% price reduction. Now isn't that something! Now that you are enlightened, happy shopping!