How Do Parents Notice the Foot Problems in Children

When it comes to a child experiencing some type of illness, a parent can easily recognize a stomach virus, common cold or flu and more. If a child is having problems with their feet, it may be more difficult for a parent to recognize it. There are certain symptoms parents can identify that could indicate foot problems in children.

1. Unable To Keep Up

Most kids will be on the computer and watch television, but they are also in constant motion. The ligaments and muscles in a healthy child are flexible and strong. Their energy is usually high and they are very active. It is possible for some children to struggle to keep up with other children. This can be possible no matter what the activity. It could be as simple and running and playing or doing a sport like soccer. Should the cause of it not be obesity, a child may need time to rest their legs and recover. It's also possible they could have fallen arches or other problems involving their feet.

2. Bruising Or Swelling

Should a child complain for multiple days about having problems with their feet, and there is bruising as well as swelling combined with discoloration of the skin or redness, it may be a sign of many different problems. It could be anything from a sprain to an infection as well as a contusion, fracture, bone bruise or disease.

3. Tripping

It is not uncommon for children to trip and fall. Many times it is an honest accident. Tripping over an uneven sidewalk is different from tripping while walking or running on level ground. Should a child often fall with no clear cause, it could be a sign of podiatry children's foot problems like their foot not being shaped properly. It is possible for a child to have fallen arches. They could also be walking on the inner-side of their feet. This is called overpronation. In many cases, it is possible a visit to a podiatrist and obtain the correct footwear and eliminate tripping issues.

4. Unusual Walking Pattern

It possible for parents to notice their child has an unusual pattern when they are standing or walking. When a child's feet are aching or hurting, it is common for them to stand or walk differently. It could be a problem if a child is regularly adjusting to put more pressure on one foot than other the other. This will cause them to walk in an unusual pattern. It's also a cause for concern. A parent should take their child to see a children's’ podiatrist to identify the problem and receive treatment. Physical therapists can also address and treat unusual gait patterns.

5. Withdrawal

Should a parent have a child who is very active in sports or hiking and then begin to prefer less physical activities, their feet could be the problem. In some cases, a child will try to hide their discomfort. The reason for the change could be their feet are hurting. It is important to determine if it is foot or leg pain causing them to withdraw from physical activities.

6. Won't Show Their Feet

In some cases, a child will notice a significant change in the appearance of their feet or toenails. They could also feel pain and not understand why this is happening to them. Some children will not tell their parents because they fear what will happen to them if they have a doctor look at it. Surgeons recommend a parent regularly inspect the feet of their young children. There are certain things that could be noticed on the feet of children at any age. This includes growths, skin discolorations, calluses, swelling around the toenails as well as any redness and more.

7. Complains of Pain

When a child complains of pain in their feet or heel for several days in a row, it could be a problem. Should a child not yet speak, they can't vocalize their pain. A parent should observe their child's behavior to see in they are crawling when they should be walking and more. It is important to determine causes of kids' heel pain and more.

Parents are always concerned about their children's health. Children are usually able to get over most bumps and falls. When a child is showing certain issues with their feet, finding the causes is important. Seeing a children’s podiatrist will make a difference. The sooner a problem is diagnosed and corrected, the greater the chance it won't affect a child as they get older.



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