Learn How to Fight the Parasites Within You


Nobody wants foreign organisms living rent free inside of their bodies, but that’s exactly what parasites live to do. Parasites are much more common than people expect and can be found in many different parts of the body, not just in the intestinal tract.

Without a suitable host body to live in a parasite will quickly die, these are creatures that have no ability to sustain themselves without another organism from which to feed off of. Some parasites take only a very small amount of nutrients away from our bodies, resulting in feeling a little more sluggish than usual but not enough to consider the fact that something might be seriously wrong. Other parasites are much more greedy in how they go about their day, with things like malnutrition, weight loss, and a loss of energy being extremely common among those afflicted. Children as well as adults are equally susceptible to parasitic colonization, making it important for people of all ages to monitor their health on a consistent basis.

Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best ways to fight off parasites, but should you find an unwanted guest inside of your body there are a few courses of action available to you:

Boost Your Immune System

Luckily the body has a few internal defenses of its own for the precise reason of fending off foreign invaders. Sometimes your immune system and the parasite are very evenly matched however, making it wholly necessary to give your immune system all the help it can get. Ensuring that you get proper amounts of sleep is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make sure your immune system is operating at full capacity. Otherwise, it’s important to make sure your consumption of zinc and vitamin C are at the proper daily levels, and taking the right kinds of probiotics can increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut available to crowd out any parasites.

Have An Antiparasitic Diet

At the end of the day the parasite can only consume the things you’ve consumed yourself, seeing as it steals nutrients from your own body. So, there are changes you can make to your diet to make your body a much less habitable place for any parasites. One simple dietary change that works wonders for killing off parasites is reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates in your diet. Parasites use simple sugars for energy so try to cut out any processed sugary foods from your diet, getting your sugars from whole foods is recommended here. Juice and dairy will be out of the question for a few weeks, but honey is a good substitute if you absolutely need something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Other fairly simple food items like garlic and carrots have also shown to help fight off as well as prevent parasites.



Many herbs native to Europe contain a chemical component known as berberine that has shown to have powerful antiparasitic properties. Herbs like goldenseal and coptis are high in berberine, as well as European barberry. Berberine has shown to be particularly effective at fighting off tapeworms and other parasitic helminths as well as protecting you from becoming infected in the first place. Berberine is also found in pumpkin seeds which can be found in any health food store.


If you are diagnosed in a doctor’s office with a parasitic infection it’s highly likely your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to quickly kill off the parasite. It’s likely you’ll have stool samples analyzed and a specific antibiotic given to you based on what species of parasite is found to be living within you. It’s important to take the entire course of antibiotics even if you begin to feel better as you risk creating antibiotic resistant bacteria and parasites should you stop taking your medicine abruptly.

Take An Epsom Salt Bath

Typically parasites also give off potent toxins as byproducts of their metabolism, these toxins can accumulate in the body and put further strain on your immune system. Taking an Epsom salt bath is a very effective way to rid of the body of these toxic byproducts so your immune system can focus on taking out the parasite itself. The high salt content in the water will draw the toxins out of your body via your pores. This will not kill the parasite directly, but freeing up your immune system by getting rid of these toxins will allow your body to fight off the parasite much faster than if it had to deal with the toxins itself.

Natural Supplements

There are a variety of natural supplements that have shown to have potent antiparasitic properties, making them an appealing option for those who don’t want to go on a course of antibiotics. One of these natural remedies is neem tree oil and it is actually well known in India as a way to fight off parasites by killing them and flushing out the toxins they give off. There are many other herbal remedies available, the parasite supplements from Microbe Formulas being good examples. A natural remedy particularly effective in children is papaya seeds, studies have shown that children who are given papaya seeds are much more likely to end up fighting off a parasitic infection with little to no side effects afterward.

Parasites aren’t always completely obvious to us, and there are times where we neither kill off the parasite and it doesn’t die on its own, some end up being passed by us in our stools as they continue their reproductive cycle in another host. It’s highly important to maintain good immune function if you live in an area prone to helminth infections. While controlling your environment and avoiding activities like drinking dirty water are the most straightforward ways to avoid parasites, there are times where even our best efforts aren’t enough to keep us healthy. If you follow the tips on this list your body will be in much better shape to permanently evict any parasite that decides to take up residence inside of your body.

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