While we really can't have it all, we are able to find balance as working parents. It's going to be tough. Sleepless nights, bone-tired days, and tears will be involved. Hear from these amazing parents with different careers (at all walks of life) about how they manage their daily lives as busy working parents who live in the city. Some are CEOs, some are artists and writers, and some work in the medical field. And all of them are awesome, awesome parents of healthy, lovely children. Their stories are so inspiring and full of great tips for new parents!

Our featured working mamas (and papas) had so much fun answering our interview questions. 

"I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed the process."-Amanda W. 
"This has been fun! a lot of self discovery!"-Donna T. 
"This was really fun..." -David H. S.
*While we believe good parents are amazing whether they work or not, this focus of this series is on working parents. Stay tuned for more interviews to come!*

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