Why you should use a backpack for a diaper bag and everyday bag. Review of Fjällräven RE-KÅNKEN UN Blue Backpack

Most diaper bags are designed to be totes or hand-carried, and because they're labeled as diaper bags, they're expensive, sometimes complicated, and very often heavy and cumbersome. Think about this, most fashion brands strive to make the diaper bags fashionable versus functional! Never as a parent have I used a diaper bag; I've always used a backpack with different compartments to carry all my baby and toddler items. With a fussy baby and toddler in tow, it's definitely better to have your hands free. That's why a backpack makes a perfect diaper bag! 

We've gone to Disney World twice and only carried a backpack during the day. On all of our other trips, we carry all of our diaper bag essentials in our backpack as well. 

I've recently purchased a *Fjallraven Re-Kanken backpack in UN Blue, a sustainable bag made from 11 recycled plastic bottles. It's easy to wipe clean, it's fashionable, and it's so ergonomic that it doesn't feel heavy on my back even when it's stuffed. In my video, I fill the bag with a 20-ounce metal mug, a 13-inch Mac Book Air, sunglasses, keys, and my wallet. It's deep enough to carry more. For parents, this bag would make a perfect diaper bag! It does, however, lack multiple compartments, so I suggest using ziplock bags to separate your baby items such as snacks, diapers, and backup clothing. 

The Fjallraven Re-Kanken costs around 90 USD, which is less expensive than the fashionable diaper bags out there. An even more affordable option would be the *Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System. This bag has multiple compartments. Sometimes, I feel that it a little high-maintenance to keep track of what's what in all these compartments, but this bag is well-reviewed by parents on Amazon. 

What kind of bag do you use as a diaper bag? Do you use a backpack? Do you have a Fjallraven Kanken or Re-Kanken? We'd love to hear your thoughts!