100% Honest Review: Plantscape Inc. | Silk Decorative Faux Cedar Bonsai Plant

Plantscape Inc. reached out to me and provided me with a faux cedar bonsai plant sample in exchange for an honest review. Other than receiving a sample product to review, I was not financially compensated for this 100% honest post. The opinions I've published are completely my own, based on my experience.

Our Grandfather Guan had the greenest thumb. In his golden years, he grew beautiful bonsai plants at home. He decorated them with rocks that mimicked the mountains of China. Stork, oxen, and fishermen figurines decorated his bonsai plants. Grandpa was an artist and his plants were his masterpieces.

I've always wanted to grow and keep bonsai plants myself, but I've never been able to keep any specialty plant or flower alive. Orchids, succulents, and even gerbera daisies die in my care!  So when Plantscape reached out and asked me what kind of plant I'd like to review, I didn't spare a second and asked for a bonsai plant. I won't have to take care of it or worry about it dying. Plus, it'll look great in our new house. (Yes, we're moving away from NYC! Check out our BIG MOVING POST to come.) 

About Plantscape Inc

Plantscape Inc. was founded in 1974 and its mission is "to create better environments which will enrich the lives of people and help them feel more relaxed, productive and happier." Their products are meant to brighten both interior and exterior spaces. "Simple beauty that lasts forever..." This means that these faux plants will be around long after we're gone! 

Product Description

The faux cedar bonsai plant I received stands 16 inches tall, and is around 16 inches in length. It's a pretty big decorative piece, and it's not cheap, costing around $78 USD before tax and shipping. This faux plant looks pretty darn real. Even my hard-to-impress hubby agreed!

What impresses me the most is the pot of soil. I sniffed it, thinking I'd smell the real scent of earthy dirt and soil. The soil crumbles and falls off the pot in real dirt-like clumps. Cool. Plus, I love the look of the plant's exposed roots.

At first glance, in darker rooms, and from a distance, you would think the plant is a real bonsai without doing a double take. Upon closer inspection, you will see that it's a fake. It's a pretty good fake though, and a keeper. 

 Came in a huge box, nicely protected

Came in a huge box, nicely protected

 Love the dirt covered trunk and roots!

Love the dirt covered trunk and roots!

Product Maintenance

To clean, just wipe or dust the plant. There's no need to water the plant, prune the leaves, or change the soil (duh). I think I'll spray the fake leaves with a bit of water to give it a dewy, just rained-on effect.

Product Durability 

If you rip the leaves, they can tear off. But you'll have to do that deliberately. Each cluster of leaves can also pop right off the branch. (And you can stick it right back on.) You can pretend that you're crappy at taking care of bonsai plants, take off cluster of leaves, and make the plant look like it's dying. (Just like 90% of real bonsais after a few weeks!) The pot is made of plastic. I tried to lift the entire plant, but the roots don't budge much from the soil and pot, so that's good! It's a pretty durable faux plant, and I really think this will last forever, well after my kin and I have turned to dust. Morbid. But hey, that's life!

Final Thoughts

Normally, I'd find something to nitpick, but it's really tough to nitpick this faux plant. It's a really good imitation of a real bonsai. The quality isn't bad at all, and I'm already thinking about where it would go in our new house. Perhaps the pot could have been prettier, like if it were made of stone or ceramic. Other than that, terrific job Plantscape Inc., and thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your product! You've really opened my eyes to the world of faux flowers and plants. (Though I think, I will still stick mainly to decorating the new house with real plants [that don't die easily] because real plants provide us with fresh oxygen and purify the air, and faux plants can't do any of that!) I can't deduct points just because this faux plant doesn't function like a real plant, so for being a really nice-looking faux plant, I give this product from Plantscape Inc. five out of five pandas!


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