100% Honest Review: 76th & Newbury | Interactive Family Map (Push Pin Travel Map) | Part One

76th & Newbury reached out to me and we've embarked on a blogger partnership. In exchange for an honest review, I received a 30x40 Push Pin Travel Map (canvas). Other than receiving a sample product to review, I was not financially compensated for this 100% honest post. The opinions I've published are completely my own, and based on my experience.

Phil and Mama (and the Dada) have been traveling together, months before Phil left the belly. He's one jet-set kid, having been to Canada, Japan and Hong Kong (when he was in the belly!), and all over America. (Twice to Disney World!) I've always wanted to find a way to log our travels, but we live in a tiny apartment in NYC, and really have no space for things outside of essentials and Phil's toys. So imagine my excitement when 76th & Newbury reached out, right around the time when we were closing on a new house in Seattle, WA! (We won't be moving there until this summer, so look out for our BIG MOVING POST!) 

We have to keep the map in my parents' basement for now before we move from NYC to Seattle. 

We have to keep the map in my parents' basement for now before we move from NYC to Seattle. 

The hubby and I chose the Push Pin Travel Map, the huge 30x40 one, and it will go up either in our foyer, Phil's room, or my new office. I haven't decided yet. When it's up, I will update this post. 

About 76th & Newbury (the address for custom design)

76th & Newbury is a brand of Newbury Rain, a design firm. The founder is a cool femme named Amanda. (Go, girl power!) 76th & Newbury is a small and growing company striving to become the go-to site for customized products. You choose a product template, and work one-on-one with a real human designer (it's complimentary!). Revisions to your designs are unlimited and your product won't arrive at your doorstep until you give the A-OKAY to the final proof. 💌 I love this about 76th & Newbury. You get a truly customized product that you have worked on personally, alongside a professional design guru. So many aspects of the pre-made designs are customizable, so pretty much no one else will have the same design as you (unless they copy your design!)

Customer Service 

First, I picked the product I wanted to review. Then I filled out a form on the website. It was simple. About a day after I submitted the form, Regan the design guru reached out to me. Regan sent me a watermarked digital proof based on the customizations I had specified on my form. (See below.) I liked everything about the proof I received (though afterwards the hubby and I feel that the names of the countries and capitals are a bit cluttered in this design). I did spot one spelling typo, and Regan quickly fixed it and sent over a second draft for me to approve. (Can you spot the typo, LOL?) Shortly after that, 76th & Newbury shipped my canvas!

Can you spot the spelling error? LOL

Can you spot the spelling error? LOL

So many shades to choose from!

So many shades to choose from!

Pricing and Quality 

The canvas we received was packaged neatly and tightly to prevent damage during shipping. The canvas itself is high-quality and professionally made. It's sturdy and you can tell the materials used aren't cheap. It's not simply canvas wrapped over a frame. The entire back is solid! My hubby (who is hard to impress) complimented the canvas' workmanship and make. What I saw on the final proof was what we saw on the canvas. 

As far as pricing goes, well, it's not cheap. I do believe the price is relatively fair for the quality of service and attention you're receiving, the unlimited customization revisions allowed, and the excellent quality of the final product. It's a stunning piece to showcase in the home. I almost don't want to stick push pins in it. But at the same time, I can't wait to chronicle our travels on our very own custom map. 

Use this code (27KSINCE2008) for 20% off purchases of $25 or more. I've also seen discounts on the site every now and then, so maybe you'll get lucky at get a discount for your custom product.

More Thoughts

I can't really complete this review yet, and give a score until after we move. So stay tuned for our post update in June 2017 after we hang up this canvas travel map, and start pinning our traveled-to destinations! (Our push pins will be color coordinated, of course!) We're so excited and can't wait to complete this review. Thanks so much for reaching out to us, 76th & Newbury. I can already say this much-you guys are awesome and you'll see future orders from me as we're decorating our new house!

To be continued...