Why I'm not in love with my Rothy's Loafers or my Rothy's Sneakers

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Hi friends! I’ve recently purchased a pair of Rothy’s The Loafer and Rothy’s The Sneaker. I did not fall in love with them at first sight, and I’m still deciding on whether to return them or not. I was pretty sure that I would return my Rothy’s Sneakers, but they are the only pair of pink shoes I have, and you’ll never know when a pink shoe comes in handy!

Immediately, you can see poor craftsmanship with the Rothy’s Sneaker. There’s visible gaps where the top of the Sneaker meets the white sole. And you can’t help but notice how similar the top of the Sneaker is when you compare it with the Loafer. It’s as if Rothy’s used the same blueprint to create the top of the Loafer, and then stop it midway to slap it onto a plastic sole. Maybe that’s why the Sneaker costs $125 when the Loafer goes for $165. Although the Sneaker is Rothy’s bulkiest shoe with apparently more material, it’s cheaper than the Loafer…

They look cute here, but you can see the poor craftsmanship where the top meets the sole.

They look cute here, but you can see the poor craftsmanship where the top meets the sole.

Pricing (USD)

The Sneaker costs $125 and the Loafer costs $165. Never pay full price for Rothy’s. Bloggers and influencers often get Rothy’s for free or for very cheap, using referral codes. Teachers also can get Rothy’s at a discount.


Rothy’s excel in packaging their shoes for delivery. Rothy’s come in a simple, elegant box and minimal packing materials. You can reuse the box in case you need to send your shoes back for returns or exchanges.

Returns or exchanges are quite simple. Just have your order number ready and follow the directions on https://rothys.com/returns


I wear a woman’s size 8 in US sizing. I always go up half a size when I order Rothy’s. My sneakers and loafers are woman’s size 8.5 in US sizing. They fit well, and do not rise at the heel when I walk. I have not had any blisters by my Achilles’ tendon yet. GO HALF A SIZE UP.


At first, I was disappointed because the Loafer did not make my feet look attractive. My ankles just collapsed. As time passed, I found that my feet looked better and better in the Loafer. As for the Sneaker, the dreaded toe humps make slight appearances (where the big toes poke out into a little hump). The Sneaker, in Washed Pink, is especially adorable, but frankly, not that special. I would also not call it a sneaker. It’s really a lounger. Call it what it is, Rothy’s. In my book, sneakers need to have some sort of velcro or shoe laces, or at least be functional and comfortable for running, jogging or even walking. I would not run or jog in Rothy’s Sneakers. The soles have very little give and flexibility.

My Loafers are in Metallic ombre. Note that they are dark brown and not black. They are pretty cute.

Support and Comfort

The Loafer is very comfortable, and similar to The Flat and The Point. The Sneaker is also comfortable but again, I wouldn’t run or jog wearing The Sneaker. Neither The Loafer nor The Sneaker provide much ankle support, so if your ankles collapse or roll in like mine, you won’t find much support here.


Sorry my friends with bunions, but these shoes are quite narrow at the end. I doubt they would be comfortable for people with buinions.


My pink washed Sneaker got dirty pretty quickly. I do live in rainy Washington. Also, none of Rothy’s shoes are waterproof. You step on wet morning grass and the dew will seep through your flats and points. It has happened to me. The top of my Rothy’s sneaker also got pretty wet when I walked on wet grass.

You can machine-wash your Rothy’s, but just make sure you air dry them and follow all care instructions. They are pretty easy to care for, and they look like new after a wash.


  • Rothy’s are sustainably made from recycled plastic water bottles.

  • They are machine-washable. (Air dry only.)

  • Their inserts are interchangeable.

  • Megan Markle loves them!


  • Too pricy.

  • They can’t be tossed into the dryer.

  • No ankle support.

  • Toe hump visible with The Sneaker.

  • Lighter Rothy’s dirty easily.

Return Yay or Nay?

Still undecided at the moment. Phil and Mama gives Rothy’s The Loafer 3.7 Pandas out of 5 Pandas, and awards the Sneaker with 3.4 Pandas out of 5 Pandas. What do you think, my friends? Should I return these shoes? I’m pretty sure I want to return the Sneakers, but because I kept flip-flopping on my decision, I might have missed the return period…

I’m a busy and lazy mom at times, and slipping on shoes with no socks has become my norm, so I don’t mind keeping these.

Bottom line: Rothy’s Sneakers barely pass as sneakers and are underwhelming, and somewhat poorly made, but still costly. Rothy’s Loafers are cute and similar to the Flats and Points, but are more expensive at $165. Both redeem themselves by being sustainable shoes made from plastic bottles, and are machine-washable, and ready to wear without socks. They will get stinky though, so if you wear them often, be prepared to wash them often. Don’t forget, air dry only.