Top 5 Cool Bassinets & Cradles

One of the most exciting things about having a baby is shopping for the new arrival. One of the very first things parents look to buy is a place for baby to sleep. Pulling out your sock drawer isn't going to cut it: baby need a safe, secure, comfy and well ventilated place to rest their adorable little heads. This is where baby cradles and bassinets come in.

Newborn Ready and Steady


Both cradles and bassinets are designed for young babies who cannot sit up or pull themselves up. Once they can do this, it’s time for the added security of a crib! Both cradles in bassinets are similar in terms of design, there is one major difference: cradles rock, bassinets don’t. However, other than this, they are quite similar in their oval, basket-like shape.

The Best Bassinets and Coolest Cradles

With so many cradles and bassinets to choose from, it can be difficult to suss out the best. Well, worry no more. Here's a list of the best baby bassinets and cradles for your wee one  — and they’re not only superior in terms of quality, but they’re superior in terms of style and functionality as well.

1) The Spring Cradle

The cradle has withstood the test of time for one major reason: it works! Not only do cradles give baby a comfy place to sleep, but they also allow you to rock baby blissfully into dream land. While traditional cradles use rockers to rock baby back and forth to sleep, the spring cradle uses a gentler bouncing rock, which is more similar to the motion of a mother moving about  — the same motion that would have lulled your baby to sleep in the womb.

2) The Moses Basket


This portable bassinet is ideal for parents on-the-go. Whether it’s around the house or around the world, sturdy handles allow you to easily transport the Moses basket with baby inside or not. Designed to be lightweight and sturdy, Moses baskets are a timeless and time-saving sleep solution for your baby.

3) The Bed Buddy

A bed buddy bassinet allows you to enjoy the peace of mind of sleeping beside your baby, with none of the worry about the documented dangers of co-sleeping. Attaching right to the side of your bed, this ingenious bassinet keeps your wee one in arm’s reach so you both can sleep easy.

4) The Sleep System

Sleep systems are ideal for parents who want to buy one sleep solution for their baby and be done with it. A bassinet and crib combo ensures that your baby’s bed grows with him or her so that baby sleeps safely and happily from birth to whenever it’s time to move to a toddler bed.

5) Classic Cradle

Classic cradles were designed to sit lower to the floor, so that mothers could knit, sew or darn while rocking baby gently to sleep with nothing more than a toe. While you may not be repairing anyone’s wool socks in this day and age, you may want to be able to keep baby close and blissfully snoozing while you catch up on the newest shows on Netflix.

Of course, young babies often fall asleep in someone’s arms, but when you need some hands free time, these cradles and bassinets are by far the best  — and coolest  — places to lay baby down for a snooze.

BABYBJORN Cradle - White

Guest blog post by Kristy Acot