Car Hacks Every Mom Should Know

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As a parent, it can be quite challenging to drive when there are kids. No matter how you prep them by asking them to behave, get them to go to the toilet before a trip, or keep them entertained there will still be unexpected events.

Based on experience, you are never too well prepared. I’ve tried to bring toys, baby wipes, and snacks to keep them busy. However, at some point during the trip, they end up getting lost under the car seat. The most challenging drive is when we go out of town. Even with only one parent driving, we still deal with temper tantrums, a toy falling under the seat, and boredom.

Well, my wife thought of some useful hacks that she found on the web. She also threw in a few of her creative ideas. Good timing, too, because we are set to go out of town the following week.

I’d like to share with you some car hacks that every mom (or dad needs). They have been instrumental in our car trips, and we’ve avoided most of the mishaps.

Toy Organizer

We purchased three shoe organizers. One of them, we asked our daughter to pick out some toys that she wanted to bring for the trip. We also set rules that the toy should not have small pieces (lest they get lost), and should not be battery operated (the batteries might fall off or become dead).

We let her place the toys in each pocket of the shoe organizer. After that I fastened it to the back seat across where she has her car seat. We practiced driving around the block so she can get used to returning the getting the toys and returning them to its place. So far, so good.

Toiletries Organizer

The other toy organizer we filled it with toiletries such as baby wipes, tissue, hand sanitizers and alcohol, diapers, sunblock, and some face cloths. We also placed some water bottles and baby bottles. We fastened this to the back of the other car seat for easy access.

Trunk Organizer

Our car trunk usually looks like a messy array of knickknacks. We decided to use the other shoe organizer to put things in place. In this organizer, we set the car tools plus some flashlights, portable jump starter and jumper cables, some clean microfiber cloths, washer fluid, brake fluid, car wax cleaner, applicator pads, and a tire pressure gauge.

Food Box

We bought a small plastic box that we use for food and drinks. Before going on a trip, my wife made sandwiches, placed them in Ziplock bags and placed them inside the box. We love to eat fruits, so my wife also prepared some small Ziplock bags with a mixture of fresh fruits and some nuts. We brought some water bottles, juice, and milk to place in the plastic box. It is now easier to grab a bite even when we’re on the go.

Food Trays

We prepared a separate food tray for our daughter. We asked her to fill it with her favorite snacks such as cereals, pretzels, cookies, crackers, and even a few pieces of chocolate. We placed it in a plastic tray that has dividers so she can eat them while on the go without worrying about spills.

Activity Center

My daughter loves to draw and color. I installed a small food tray at the back of the car seat that she can pull down if she wants to get creative. We placed her coloring books and paper in a small plastic envelope that she can easily access. We placed this on the seat next to her. Her crayons and pencils we stored in a pencil case and also put it inside the plastic envelope.

Entertainment Center

My daughter has a tablet, and we downloaded children’s shows in it. We also got her child-friendly headsets to go with it. We placed the tablet and headphones in a small bag and hung it on a hook to the backseat. If she wants to watch some shows, we just get it out from the bag, plug the headset, and she’s ready to go.

My wife and I also bought some CDs and placed them in a CD organizer that we keep in the glove compartment. We also have a car DVD player and we always bring them on long trips. Sometimes, we let our daughter watch some DVDs when she gets tired of her shows. Of course, we only purchase kid-friendly DVDs for her.


We like to bring extra clothes for emergencies. My wife prepared a basket and placed a few folded shirts and extra clothes for our daughter. She also brought some extra slip-ons should we need them.


We also prepared a small bag where we keep our raincoats and folding umbrellas. We also have two large umbrellas in the trunk. You’ll never know when you might need more umbrellas, or in case one of them gets broken.

Pillows and Blankets

In case one of us wants to nap (usually our daughter), we got some neck pillows that we can use. My wife likes to use neck pillows on long drives, says that it helps her relax. We also brought a blanket should we need it.

Garbage Bins

We bought a small trash bin with a cover and placed a garbage bag in it. We also brought a few extra trash bags. We put the trash bin under the glove compartment by the passenger’s seat. It was easier to get rid of trash and the size of the garbage bin still allowed comfortable leg room.


So, I’d like to share what happened on our family trip. My daughter seemed to enjoy the goodies that we prepared for her. It was a 6-hour drive, and we did not have any problems. She was responsible enough to get the toys and return them. She didn’t use the tablet; I guess she was still enjoying a game of make-believe wherein she would play with the dolls and “put them to sleep.” We also had no problems with the snacks. Everything was very accessible and easy to clean up.

What about you? Do you have other tips and hacks that you’d like to share with us? As parents, we all have our creative ideas when it comes to planning trips; we’d love to hear from you, too. Don’t forget to share these tips with our parents as well!

Author Bio : David, Jane and Nana is a family that enjoys living the RV life. If you want to read more tips about living in a RV, please visit blog.