Great tips for making the best home-brewed coffee!


Here are good tips for getting the best home-brewed coffee

A good coffee is the perfect booster for a new day. It gives you energy, increases your concentration capacity and helps you get the best results at work. Although some people think that it can cause health problems, doctors say that moderate quantities won’t do any harm, so don’t think twice before giving your mornings a coffee flavour.

On the market you will find so many brands that it will almost be impossible to choose one. Of course, it all depends on everybody’s preferences, because each day or get together for a refreshing coffee beak can start with a different taste.

Home-brewed coffee seems to be among the most popular ways to get a cup of intense flavour and an energizing experience. You’ll need several things for that, like a good coffee machine and quality ingredients and getting them can be quite a challenge when you don’t know where and what to look for.

Professional appliances, like those sold by, can make a difference, but the whole brewing process is important if you want to get the best result. Experts in the art of coffee give you some advice on how to make this drink taste a lot better even if you don’t have expensive resources.

  • Good beans make a tasty coffee

Pre-ground bags of coffee are not the best choice for home-brewed drinks. Fresh, whole beans are more suitable in this situation. You can find fresh roasted beans in the local coffee shops. If possible, choose those which roast it on the spot.

  • Beans should be stored properly

After you buy the coffee, make sure that you store it in proper conditions. Many people use a vacuum sealed container which has a one-way valve, but others will settle for a standard Mason jar.

  • If you want to enjoy maximum flavour, you should grind the coffee beans only when you are ready to brew them

Since this ingredient loses its flavour within 30 minutes after it is grinded, you should remember to always grind it on the spot, right before putting it in the pot.

  • If you want to measure coffee the right way, do it by weight and not volume

The only way to get a coffee is to use the same amount of coffee per unit of water every time you brew. A digital scale will help you measure quantities correctly and it takes only a few seconds to use it.

Pre-infused grounds will facilitate the brewing process. Since most automatic coffee machines don’t prepare the product for full extraction, you’ll have to do that manually. In this case, you will have to look for more information and find out which is the best pre-infusion method.

Always make sure that you brew at the right temperature

Coffee makers have to reach the optimal temperature for producing the best coffee. For drip versions, the right temperature has to be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The quality of water is another important aspect when you are trying to brew the perfect coffee.

It is recommendable to use water with balanced mineralization level, around 150 parts per million. Lightly filtered water is a good option as well.


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