Where To Get Motivation? It's Everywhere!


Staying motivated and encouraged is not always easy, especially if you currently work in a highly stressful job or if you're struggling to keep balance in your household. While finding motivation can quickly feel discouraged or overwhelming if you do not know where to begin, it is possible with a plan of action and an open mind.

Set Goals

When you're feeling down and out, finding motivation in everyday life can feel futile, especially if you are already feeling stressed to your max. Set a goal that is most important to you each day. Avoid making an entire list of a variety of goals, as this is a quick way to find yourself overwhelmed and disinterested in the entire prospect of remaining motivated. Limiting yourself to set one goal at a time is a great way to maintain your focus while moving forward throughout your busy day.

Seek Inspiration

When was the last time you truly felt genuinely inspired? Was it at a local art museum or county fair? Was it while you read a book in complete silence? Seek inspiration from your favorite authors, directors, and artists. Visit galleries in your local area or spend time in nature camping, hiking, or visiting a local park. Get involved in various creative hobbies at home such as painting, woodworking, sewing, or even pottery. Learn to love time alone to gather inspiration that is innately personal and intimate.

Exercise Daily

Committing to exercising at least 30 minutes each day is one way to boost natural chemicals in the body and brain such as oxytocin and dopamine. Both oxytocin and dopamine are labeled as the "feel good chemicals" in the brain, providing a natural boost in emotions. When you feel good naturally, it is much easier to obtain and maintain the motivation to move forward with reaching your set goals. Even if you are not fond of visiting your local gym, start small. Simply walking at least 30 minutes a day or working towards achieving 10,000 steps each day when working or out with friends is a great way to enjoy a natural mood boost.

Find Support and Eliminate Toxic Relationships

One of the most important elements involved in maintaining everyday motivation is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. Seek out support from friends and family members who are also highly motivated in their everyday lives. Ask for support and advice from friends and family members you trust who live a lifestyle you are trying to achieve yourself. As you continue to grow and evolve, it is also important to minimize contact with or eliminate toxic relationships in your life altogether. Toxic relationships can include friends and family members who are unsupportive, negative, or overwhelmingly critical of your attempts to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

Build Anticipation

When you have a major goal in mind you intend to reach, avoid starting right away. Often times, diving into the attempt of reaching a major goal immediately can lead to unexpected or undesirable results. If you want to increase the odds of achieving the goal you have in mind for yourself the first time around, build the anticipation surrounding the goal itself. Set a date to begin working towards your goal to prepare yourself while getting in the right frame of mind to begin taking on the tasks necessary to achieve your goal. Avoid beating yourself up when you choose not to start working towards your goal immediately. Allowing more time for yourself to prepare for the mental and physical challenges that await you can ultimately help you to stick to a goal such as quitting smoking or shifting careers.


Consider Working Together With a Personal Coach

Hiring a personal coach is a way to change your life for the better with the guidance of a professional who specializes in helping others get their lives on track. Personal coaches assist in becoming more organized, eating healthier, and even getting fit. Jena Ingle from Body Transformation Coach (https://bodytransformationcoach.com/) explains that with the right personal coach, you can completely transform your body in under two months. A personal coach works with clients to transform their physical shape while also working to maintain focus on eating better and remaining motivated at all times. With the help of a personal coach, stay on track with meeting and achieving the goals you set without the risk of losing your motivation in the process.

Obtaining motivation is life changing and can keep you on track to achieving the best future you envision for yourself. With the right tips, tricks, and resources, get the motivation you need to change your current situation for the better while living your best life possible.

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