Should you use CBD oil for Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is both a beautiful and uncomfortable experience. Most expecting moms experience insomnia, cramping, morning sickness, and anxiety throughout their pregnancy. 

These days most mothers to be are turning to therapeutic products made with CBD as they are safe for the baby and those who used them swear it helped them a lot for nine months. 

CBD oil is a nutritional supplement that contains cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring molecule found in hemp. As hemp is a variant of cannabis Sativa family, this is what causes the doubt if it is safe during pregnancy or not. 

The distinction between hemp and cannabis lies in the amount of THC they both contain, so the hemp that is legalized is the one that contains THC less than 0.2%. If the amount of THC is more than the given limit, it is classified as a controlled substance. 

The use of CBD among pregnant women has almost doubled in a decade. Below given are the benefits of CBD oil during pregnancy:

Premature contractions: Sometimes, women can experience premature contractions; using CBD oil can prevent premature birth by reducing the contractions. 

Postpartum depression: Often, women fall under the spell of depression in the days and weeks following birth. The main reason is stress; CBD oil can help them fight depression and keep their mood alleviated. 

Chronic Pain: Pains are common during pregnancy, but when a woman takes advised amount of CBD oil, it can relax her body and reduce the severity of pain. 

Morning sickness: If a woman takes CBD oil regularly as prescribed by a specialist, it can relieve morning sickness. 

Back pain: As the pregnancy progresses, the increased baby weight can cause women to experience backache, especially in the third trimester. Use of CBD oil can mitigate the pain and help mothers to sleep comfortably at night. 

Is it okay to take CBD while pregnant?

Pregnancy in all its beauty puts a lot of stress and strain on the woman’s body. As a result of it, they can experience a lot of side effects that can impact their day-to-day life. The most common symptom that almost every woman experiences during pregnancy is excessive morning sickness. 

Sometimes the condition is so worse that it becomes almost impossible to leave the house. If a woman vomits frequently, it can lead to dehydration, which can be life-threatening for the mother as well as the baby. 

The medicines pregnant women take to control nausea can cause dizziness, anxiety, blurred vision, and insomnia. CBD is a popular alternative to medicines as it reduces nausea and at the same time is safe for the mother and the baby. 

There are over sixty-seven different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and only a small number of them are psychoactive. One important thing that must be made clear here is that high THC containing products such as marijuana is not at all safe during pregnancy.

Taking marijuana during pregnancy can lead to complex problems such as delay in brain development and low birth weight. The products high in THC pass through the placental barrier and interact with the baby’s brain. CBD products with low THC are an excellent option to try before consuming harmful medications to relieve pregnancy symptoms. Women around the world are using it to manage spikes in uncomfortable and stress-causing symptoms. Let’s find out how to use CBS safely while pregnant: 

Always start low and go low with CBD products:

The key to start health products during pregnancy is to start slow and go slow. Take the lowest possible dose and build it up till you reach a recommended dose. 

Consult your doctor:

Pregnancy is complex, and women undergo a lot of changes during this time, so it is important to consult a doctor before taking CBD as it may not be good for you due to some prevailing health condition.

Keep track of things such as: 


The most common reasons pregnant women may want to consider using CBD supplements:

It is easily understandable that most moms-to-be would perk up when there is a mention of a remedy that can ease anxiety. 

Pregnancy is accompanied with so many physical and psychological changes that can be stressful and ignoring the signs of anxiety or depression and put a pregnant woman and her baby at risk.

 Some women prefer CBD as opposed to antidepressants because CBD comes from a plant. 

CBD isn’t THC, so it is a safer compound to use during pregnancy. Some women use it right from the start of pregnancy till they go into the labor to relieve from severe sickness and heartburn so they can at least eat food to provide nutrition to the baby. In some cases, it is the only thing that helps to keep aside the prescriptions medicines. Taking it regularly can make the whole pregnancy experience smoother for many. 

Some women take it for uterus discomfort and to prevent pain and it works great. It is a good symptom because women do not have to be in anguish for hours as it relieves the stress hormones. The only thing to remember is to make sure the CBD oil you are using is pure and as per the prescribed limit, so be careful. 

So, the moms-to-be who are tired, stressed, anxious, isolated, or feel depressed must take CBD but as per the prescribed limit from a physician. The more the truth about CBD is shared, the faster the pregnant women across the globe will know about its benefits and uses, and it will make their life easier. 

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