Free Printable "gratitude" Quotes, Wall Art, Signs: Great to Frame as Thanksgiving Decorations (Plus, DIY tips on how to make your own free printable quotes!)

"thankful for your Love all year round" quote by Kat Lieu

"thankful for your Love all year round" quote by Kat Lieu

>>Download the free "Thankful for your Love All Year Round" Printable PDF file here<<

Phil and Mama presents to you a free set of printable quotes that you can use as Thanksgiving Decorations (print them out, frame them!) or as "Thank You" e-cards or printed cards to distribute to your friends and loved ones!

We also included a tutorial in this post on how you can make your own printable signs and wall art for free, using our favorite web app, Canva! Scroll down for the tutorial.

October 4, 2016 Update: From roses to peonies, and from lilies to dahlias, there’s nothing like seeing a beautiful flower to bring some positivity into your day. Flowers are definitely one of mother nature's most beautiful creations, so why not take a moment in your day to appreciate the splendor of their beauty. 

That’s why FTD created the floral art print below inspired by the world’s most beautiful flowers. The printable includes an inspirational quote by French Impressionist painter Matisse, to help remind you to see the beauty in all things that life has to offer. Hang the floral print on your wall or frame it on your desk so that it can continue to inspire you throughout the day.


Every moment, like everyone, has an end, so never, ever, take anything for granted! This is a great sign for a cubicle or office. Or even for the home to remind your kids to be grateful, and to never take anything for granted! 

>>Download the free "never take anything for granted" printable PDF file here<<

We're so busy in the big city that sometimes, we forget how much love is all around us.

>>Download the free "Love, Care, Share, Thanks, Big City" printable PDF file here<<


Aldous Huxley got it right! Let us be kinder to one another. The world would be so much sweeter if that were the case. We'd always have less frowny faces!

>>Download the free "Let us be Kinder..." printable PDF file here<<

Pay it forward. Don't forget those who have helped you. Help others. Give back. Gratitude is definitely riches because you've been on the receiving end. Complaint only begets more misery!

>>Download the free "Gratitude is riches" printable PDF file here<<

Amen, once again, the best gift of all is kindness. Empathy is natural. Have you observed babies and toddlers recently? They have so much love to give to their parents and other children. By nature, we are kind, empathetic creatures!!

>>Download the free "the best gift of all" printable PDF file here<<

1. Head over to and sign up for an account; it's free!

2. You can choose the size of your project from the "Create a design" area and by clicking on the "Use custom dimensions" link on the upper right hand side. 

3. I like to use Canva's pre-made templates and sizes; they give you the option to choose standard sizes for social media headers, buttons, e-book covers, email headers, etc...

4. To make the Quote Printable signs above, I chose the "Album Cover" size under the "Blogging and ebooks" category.

5. Now the fun begins. In the left column are pre-made Album Cover designs. I always use a "FREE" design to play around with. "FREE" means the graphic or template is "royalty-free". Any graphic that isn't "FREE" is watermarked and costs $1.00 USD to download and use. You can always upload your own graphics or photos by clicking the UPLOADS button (the up arrow in the left). 

6. I find a nice "FREE" graphic that I like and I click on it. Alternatively, I can also drag it into the white canvas.

7. You can resize the graphic and change its transparency level. You can move it around and layer it up top or below other graphics.

8. To change the white background of your canvas to another color, click on the "BACKGROUND" button to the left. I place an image behind my first graphic and that's my background. When you're done, you click on the "Download" button on the upper right hand side. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.07.32 PM.png

9. For images, choose either JPG or PNG (PNG files are higher quality and larger). To create a PDF, choose "PDF: standard" or "PDF: for print". I like choosing the PDF: for print option. 

And voila, here you go, additional printable quote signs! Beautiful! I love you,! What do you guys think?

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