100% Honest Review: Edie Parker Cat iPhone case (goo.ey)

I was so excited to finally receive my Edie Parker Cat iPhone case today. I've been debating for a while whether to get the case or not. Ever since I've had iPhone 6 Plus (now an iPhone 7 Plus), I've only bought cases from the Apple store (the leather and the silicone cases.) I love the colors Apple offers and I think the silicone case is amazing. 

I've dreamed of owning an Edie Parker clutch, but it's really an expense that doesn't fit my lifestyle. I know I'll never buy myself an Edie Parker clutch, but this mama here can dream! When I discovered that Edie Parker made iPhone cases, I was in love. Especially with the sparkly lucky cat one! See the picture below. Isn't it fantastic? Unfortunately, the product I just received and unboxed does not meet my expectations... 

Product Description

"Cat Phone Case with black background and beckoning cat motif. Our goo.ey hands free case sticks to mirror and glass.  The goo.ey case does not feel sticky.  The goo.ey case frees your hands to take selfies, chat on Facetime or Skype, and make videos."- https://edie-parker.com/collections/phone-case/products/phone-case-6-cat

Hey Edie Parker, the motif is barely beckoning. It doesn't sparkle and lacks even one glitter! I really thought I'd be getting a glittery case, and am tempted to decorate the case (the cat's ears) with a layer of gold glitter. It looks like a color print of the cat. The perimeter of the case is see-through clear goo.ey plastic (or whatever goo.ey is made of). If your phone is dirty, then you will see the dirt behind the clear case border. 

What irks me the most is the black area of the goo.ey case. I only had it for seconds when I already noticed smudges, stains and my finger prints all over the black area of the case. (See pic below.) I wiped it over and over again, only to have it a smeared mess moments later. This disappoints me. A $50 case looks like a cheapie case that you can buy off Canal Street in NYC. 

even though my silicone case from Apple is chipped, it still looks cleaner and newer than my just-opened Edie Parker goo.ey iPhone case

even though my silicone case from Apple is chipped, it still looks cleaner and newer than my just-opened Edie Parker goo.ey iPhone case

The cat print also has some ink line issues, like the printer used was dirty. There's an ink line smudge inside the case that I can't clean or fix. The image used for the print may also have been a lower resolution. (I'm not positive with that, but the print quality sure makes me wonder!)


For the plus sizes, the case is 50 USD. For the regular size, the case is 45 USD. That's more than the silicone and leather cases from the Apple store. The Edie Parker case is expensive. Other goo.ey iPhone 7 Plus cases cost $35.00, which is $15.00 less than the Edie Parker one. I felt like I really splurged on a case. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, the only thing you're really paying for here is the Edie Parker logo. As an iPhone case, it is unremarkable. It sticks softly to so many surfaces, and sticks harder to glass and mirrors. It gets dirty fast and oily smears of fingerprints make the case unattractive quickly. Specks of dirt and white dust are very clear on top of the black portion of the case. The case doesn't sparkle like an Edie Parker clutch, and the motif print barely resembles acrylic. 

I am leaning strongly toward returning the case. It's sad because my expectations were so high, and I waited so long to get this case. I think I would spend just a little more money on an iPhone case from Edie Parker, one that sparkles and really reminds me of the clutches. It's unfortunate. This case from Edie Parker annoys me, doesn't remind of an Edie Parker clutch, and actually deters me from both the Edie Parker and the goo.ey brands.

It's sorta like Edie Parker wanted to make something branded for the common masses. But hey, let's make this case neither sparkly nor special. Those who could only afford the cases should not have a quality product like those who could afford the clutches. Okay, maybe that's not really the case (oh, punny!), but it sure feels that way!

For it's high price and my high disappointment, Phil and Mama awards the Edie Parker Cat iPhone case (for Seven Plus), two out of five pandas... I highly recommend that you do not buy the Edie Parker Cat iPhone cat case. 

Hands on with Apple's newest phone and everything in the box. Unboxing full box new Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Rose Gold. Bigger and heavier than 6 Plus and iPhone 7. 128 GB, water resistant, iOS 10, no headphone jack but has dongle adapter.