After we lost our son for over an hour, he never leaves the house without his Jiobit GPS tracker for kids

Hi friends. Phil started kindergarten earlier this year and we were all excited. He was riding a school bus for the first time and meeting new friends. We were hoping for a happy and uneventful first day of school. When it was time for my husband, J, to pick up Phil from the bus stop, one of the most dreadful things that can happen happened: Phil was not on the bus home.

I was driving home when I received texts from J: “Phil was not on the bus, I’m driving to get him… Bus driver told me to go to school to get him.”

J drove to Phil’s school and instead of going home, I drove down to another bus stop to see if Phil was there instead.

He was not.

I spun around and rushed home.

A message from J flashed on my phone’s screen: “He’s not at school… You should stay home.”

I got on the phone with J. At that point, we were both panicking. Phil had been missing for half an hour. J stayed in school while I waited at our bus stop. Half an hour later, we still did not know where Phil was. He wasn’t on the bus that dropped kids off near our house. The bus driver of another nearby route was not picking up the phone. I tried to remain calm but terrible thoughts flooded my head: Phil had gone missing. Did he cross these high-traffic streets by himself? Was he dropped off at the wrong stop and picked up by some stranger?

Will I never see my son again?

The minutes ticked away. My heart raced. I didn’t know what to do. Eyes blurry with tears, I saw a school bus stop across the street from me. I quickly scanned the interior of the bus. Staring back at me was my little mushroom-headed Phil! He looked dazed. He was on the wrong bus home, and had been riding that bus for over an hour and a half. The bus driver waved to me. I nodded and pointed at Phil, mouthing “that’s my son.”

Reunited, and truly it felt so, so good.

That night, J and I talked about getting Phil a phone, or a GPS watch, or some kind of tracker. After spending hours researching current products available, we settled on the Jiobit. The Jiobit is a hardy and wearable kid GPS tracker device that has a long-lasting battery, is water-resistant, and is easy to clip and secure. It's real-time tracking is accurate and the device is light-weight. The Jiobit device costs $129.99 and its monthly service fee is $8.99 per month (with a two-year commitment. Otherwise it’s $12.99 when you pay month-to-month). For about the same price as a Netflix subscription, I’m paying for peace of mind and my child’s safety.

Part of the reason why we chose the Jiobit is because one of the founders is a parent who, once upon a time, had felt our panic. He had lost his son in a crowded park. He was able to design a stellar tracking device with families in mind.

We have used the Jiobit for a few weeks now. It lasts at least five days without needing charging. We keep the Jiobit inside Phil’s book bag. At first, we had it clipped to his sneaker. It stayed on for the first two days. On the third day, it had fallen off during PE because Phil was so active. He moves a lot. Ideally, the Jiobit should be on our child. We’re hoping Phil never loses his book bag, or gets kidnapped in school without his book bag!

The Jiobit tracks well with unlimited range, and has GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Both J and I actively run the Jiobit app. We get notifications on when Phil arrives and leaves school. It helps us time when to pick him up from the bus stop. You can trust your data with Jiobit, as it is 3rd party penetration tested, has full data encryption, has malware prevention software, and is resistant to hardware hacking.

What I love about the Jiobit is that you can set a Care Team and designate trusted adults such as your child’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles. You can set Trusted Places as well, and location ranges. If your child has wandered off too far from you, you’ll get a notification from the app.

These days, I feel less anxious when Phil leaves home. Never again do I want to feel that panic of losing my child again. Your entire soul feels shaken and the world becomes gray before your eyes. I hope you never have to experience what J and I went through, so we recommend the Jiobit to you, wholeheartedly. It is such a boon to modern parenting!

Let me know what you think! Happy tracking, my friends!

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