Why I returned my Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles but kept my new Allbirds Wool Runner-up Mizzles

My beautiful Runner-Up Mizzles -philandmama.com

My beautiful Runner-Up Mizzles -philandmama.com

Hi friends! I continue to strive for a sock-free life and just treated myself to two new pairs of Allbirds, a pair of Wool Runner Mizzles in Savanna Night (cream sole) and a pair of Wool Runner-up Mizzles in Fog (cream sole). Both colors are limited edition, and both the Mizzle Runners and the Runner-Ups come with two-toned bottom soles. These new Allbirds designs are so cute, by the way! The shoelace aglets are so nice and hardy! (I still don’t think they’re chew-proof though!)


Priced at $115 a pair, the Allbird Wool Runner Mizzles cost $20 more than regular Allbirds Wool Runners. (Allbirds Tree Toppers also cost $115 per pair.) A pair of Allbird Wool Runner-up Mizzles costs $135, making the Runner-ups the most expensive Allbirds shoe.


Both the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles and Runner-Up Mizzles are water-repellant, making them the perfect shoes for Seattleites like me. I have not tested if they’re completely waterproof yet.

The Mizzles’ soles provide extra grip, which helps reduce your chances of tripping and falling on slippery surfaces. That’s great news for clumsy people like me who live in rainy cities!




Allbirds recommends you size up if you’re between sizes. I’ve found that you should go with your true size or size up with the Allbirds Tree shoes (Breezers and Toppers especially). In the past, when I went with my true size with the Allbirds Wool Runners, I found the shoes to be too long. Allbirds Wool Runners tend to stretch over time too. With my Mizzle Wool Runners and Runner-ups, I went down one whole size to 7 (W for Woman). The Runner-ups are a bit snug but the fit almost feels perfect. The Mizzle Runners, however, feel too small. My toes are squished and uncomfortable! If I had gone with a size 8, would my Mizzle Runners be too long, like how my regular Allbirds Wool Runners were?



Dreaded Toe Humps

The toe humps are still here, but they are not as visible. The Wool Runner and Runner-Up Mizzles are made with thicker materials, so that masks the appearance of the toe humps, a bit at least.



Ankle Support

The Allbirds Wool Runner-up Mizzles are high-topped and sturdy, granting your ankles a good amount of support. The Wool Runner Mizzles also appear sturdier and bulkier than the regular Wool Runners, and may grant your ankles more support than the regular Wool Runners or the Tree Runners.




Both the Wool Runner Mizzles and the Wool Runner-up Mizzles feel comfortable. They’re so soft and inviting. After just a few minutes of wearing, however, your feet will feel hot and moist, especially if you wear these Allbirds without socks, like you’re supposed to. Like I mentioned earlier, my Wool Runner Mizzles feel too snug and tight, so they weren’t as comfortable as my Wool Runner-up Mizzles.

New Update (10/18/19): After prolonged wearing, my new Runner-up Mizzles hurt my toes just a bit; however, I won’t be sizing up or returning my Runner-up Mizzles. I’m sure with time, they will stretch out and the big toe hurting issue will resolve.


The Wool Runner Mizzles (dark-blue) and the Wool Runner-up Mizzles (grayish) almost look identical. The Runner-ups are high-topped and protect and support the ankles. They also have a better fit for wider feet than the Runner Mizzles. (Which pair do you prefer? Honestly, I like the darker pair, but I love the overall design of the Runner-up Mizzles more than the Runner Mizzles.)


Shoe Care

Like all the other Allbirds shoes, the Mizzles can be tossed into the washing machine and washed on a gentle cycle. Please remember to air-dry the Mizzles and avoid tossing them into the dryer. This is great because Mizzles are water-repellant shoes that can be washed in the washing machine, and they won’t lose their water-repellant properties!




The Allbirds Wool Runner and Runner-up Mizzles are thicker, hardier shoes than the regular wool runners. They also feel warm and will keep your feet toasty.



Sustainable Materials

Allbirds turns one recycled water bottle into a pair of shoelaces. The shipment boxes are made from 90% recycled cardboard. The SweetFoam soles are made from carbon-negative green EVA, and the rubber utilized is natural and renewable instead of synthetic.



Smell and funk

My feet are known to be stinky. After three hours of wearing my Allbirds Runner-up Mizzles, the shoes did not stink with feet funk. They did smell like new shoes and rubber, or some sort of chemicals. These new shoes have more production smell than the other Allbirds shoes, coming out of the box. My feet smelled like the Mizzles after prolonged wear.

Allbirds Mizzles CARE Q&A

-Do Allbirds get wet? Yes they do. But these are water-repellant! But there are areas where water can seep into your feet, especially by the tongue. I don’t think the Mizzles are complete waterproof.

-Can you wash Allbirds? Yes you can, in a washing machine. I would recommend putting them in a linen bag. Make sure to air-dry them afterward.

-Are Allbirds Mizzles good for bunions? They can stretch, but the area by the toe still seems narrow.

-Can you wear Allbirds without socks? I prefer to wear Allbirds without socks, so go for it!


  • You can toss the Mizzles into the washing machine.

  • The new design is pretty sweet!

  • The Mizzles are water-repellant!

  • The Runner-up Mizzles have solid ankle support!

  • The Mizzles are ok for people with wide feet.

  • The great odor-eliminating properties!

  • No need to wear socks with the Allbirds Mizzles!


  • You can only air-dry the Mizzles.

  • The Mizzles cost more than the other Allbirds.

  • The fit is funny.

  • Toe humps are still around!

  • These may not be the best shoes for people who have bunions.

  • The Mizzles have a strong new shoe smell.

Return Yay or Nay?

I returned my Allbirds Runner Mizzles and kept my Allbirds Runner-up Mizzles. The two Mizzles are not different enough to keep both, and my Runner Mizzles just don’t fit correctly. They squish my toes and hurt my feet. I worry if I size up to a size 8, I would run into the problem of having too-long shoes again. (Wool runners do stretch over time.) See the marks the Runner Mizzles made after just a few minutes of wearing… It’s so strange especially when the Runner-up Mizzles fit so well.

If you want my honest opinion, then I would advise you go for the Runner-up Mizzles instead of the Runner Mizzles, if you’re looking for a water-repellant “sneaker.” If you’re in love with your regular wool runners, and are looking for a water-repellant alternative, then go for the Runner Mizzles!

Dang I have ugly feet.

Dang I have ugly feet.

What are your thoughts? Did you know mizzle is a real word? It means misty drizzle, lol. Happy walking, my friends!

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