You don't ask me why I only have one husband, so why do you ask me why I only have one child?

Hi friends! So I’ve realized no one has ever asked me when I’m getting a second husband, but many people have asked me when I’m birthing a second child. Most of society wants you to love only one spouse. At the same time, most of society expects you to raise and love more than one child.



I think it’s almost easier to have two or even three husbands simultaneously than to have and raise more than one child. For one, I most certainly would not have to carry a husband in my womb for nine months, and then go through the excruciating birth process again. I won’t have to change dirty diapers for another two to three years. And then worry for the rest of my life about another child. I mean, if I don’t like one of my husbands, I can easily divorce one of them. Once I have a child, he or she is my responsibility for at least 18 years.

I understand that people may mean well. A stranger walked by recently and commented on how handsome Phil is. “Have a daughter. She’ll be beautiful,” the stranger told me.

I held up Panda, my shih-poo. “Here she is. My daughter. She’s beautiful.”

“Dogs are such a chore,” the stranger replied.

“And babies are a walk in the park?”

Some may argue that an only child is lonely. An only child is spoiled. Many only-children adults I know have told me they wished they had siblings.

But I can assure you, my child isn’t lonely. His parents play with him. Spend time with him. Nurture him. Love him. His parents focus on him. We are his parents, yes, but also his friends and his siblings.

I am devoted to my one husband. I am also devoted to my one child. There are many couples who choose to have no children, to have only one child, to have many children, to have only dogs or cats (or both), or to adopt, or to be alone. That’s all okay. We all have our reasons, and we all have our stories.

So please, don’t ask me why I have only one child, or tell me that I need to hurry up and give birth to another one. I know you mean well, but frankly, it’s rude as hell.

What are your thoughts, friends?