I don't normally wear socks, but I love the Allbirds Trino™

Hi friends! Do you hate wearing socks as much as I do? Or are you someone who can’t live without socks? Well Phil and I go sock-less throughout most of the year, except when it’s too cold or too wet. My husband, on the other hand, will wear socks with slides and sandals.

I knew he'd appreciate a new pair of Allbirds Trino™ socks. I got him a pair of quarters ($14 US) in limited edition steel gray. I got myself a pair of tubers ($16) in limited edition flamingo pink. I spent $30 on two pairs of socks, and that felt like a pure splurge. If you’re a frequent sock wearer, you’d need more than one pair of socks. (Just like how you need plenty pairs of undies to rotate through. Unless you like really stinky socks and undies! I digress…)

If you can splurge on multiple pairs of Allbirds Trino socks, then you’re in luck. They’re advertised to be cool, moisture-wicking, breathable, comfy and they can even minimize odor! My husband’s feet don’t sweat and stink as much as mine, so he wore his Trino socks for over two days. And they were not odiferous before they were toss into the wash.

I wore my Trinos for only one day. They felt comfy and cool, almost like a second layer of skin. My feet did not feel sweaty in them. I wore my stinkiest sneakers. Lo and behold, before I tossed my Trinos into the wash, they did not reek or make me want to puke. Even Panda, our dog, didn’t shy away from my feet like she normally does.

But enough about my stink-tastic soles. Let’s dive deeper into why my husband and I love the all-new Allbirds Trino socks!

They’re made from responsibly-sourced materials such as eucalyptus fiber. These socks do contain Merino wool, so they’re not vegan socks, but Allbirds promises these socks have a low-carbon footprint.

The socks feel soft, cool, and silky. My normally hot and sweaty feet felt nice and cool. The packaging the socks came in was all recyclable.

The colors are so pretty! The fit is almost perfect!

Overall, these are really sweet socks from Allbirds. It’s ironic how Allbirds is selling socks now. The beauty about their shoes is that you wear them without socks. My guess is that they have too much Merino wool and need to get rid of it. The future is the Tree line, as I’ve always thought. But that’s just my guess!

In any case, if you’re searching for good socks that are moisture-wicking, thin, breathable, silky, and minimizes odors, then look no further. If you don’t want to empty your wallets, and that’s understandable, stick with cotton socks. Allbirds Trinos are not runner socks by the way.

My friends, what do you think about Allbirds Trino socks? Do you have a pair or two? Or do you think they’re too much of a splurge for socks? Happy walking, friends!

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