14 ways you can go green with your dog and save while at it

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In today's day and age, dogs are no longer just household pets we have living with us and take care of because we have to, they've become family that we often tend to care more about than we actually care about ourselves at times!

The advantages to being a dog owner are countless, so if you're not a dog owner yet, then let me tell you this - you've got no idea what beautiful world you're missing out on!

However, and with such a beautiful experience comes great responsibility, not just towards your dog and properly taking care of them the way they need to be, but also towards planet Earth and the negative effects Fido has on the environment around them.

Scientific studies have shown time and time again that just like we humans tend to participate in activities that harm the environment and are not considered to be eco-friendly, dogs often tend to leave just as bad a "carbon pawprint" on Mother Earth if their owner isn't educated enough on the subject and isn't aware of it.

Because of the fact that being a dog owner is such a special experience that only those who've tried it know how magical it feels, it would be a real pity for us to experience all this happiness at the expense of the well being of our planet.

Thankfully, though, it turns out that things don't have to be this way!

We've got a very handy infographic to show you, one that lists 14 useful and easy to implement tips that any dog owner can begin implementing to make the life-changing achievement of going green with their furry buddy.

In this infographic you'll be seeing how some of the day to day activities most dog owners take for granted are actually slowly killing our planet and making it a terrible place to live in, as well as how some very simple changes can turn all of that around by 180 degrees.

So, for everyone reading this that's excited about becoming the most responsible version of their "dog owner" self they can be, look no further than this infographic that's going to show you how easy it is and all the good you'll be doing to the world around you while at it.