How to Inspire Kids to Start Gardening

Gardening is a rewarding experience. It can be more fun and entertaining for the younger kids. Children like to participate in any new activity that might be gardening, playing, and even exploring a new creature and place. You just need to inspire them to participate in those things.

You will have to feed the young mind to do something different and beautiful. You can start it by taking them to a beautiful garden. You can tell them how to grow the plants. You can show the tools. While showing the tools, make sure that they are available in different colors and interesting shapes. These things will get their attention more easily. They will be inspired to use those tools to create their beautiful garden. Make sure to keep bugs away

You can buy garden accessories that they can use during the gardening. You can buy the gardening shoes, gloves, caps, goggles, and any other thing that can help them in the gardening. It is not enough to buy those things; you should explain to them how the gloves will protect their hand from the insects and dust and how they need a strong shoe for the proper coverage of the foot. You can also teach them about the health benefits of the gardening.

These are a few things that you can do to inspire your younger kids to start gardening or to help you during the gardening. Always remember that you should not insist them for the gardening, you will have to make the process spontaneous. If you insist them or bribe them with something, they might come with you for a few times. But if it will be spontaneous, they will show interest in the plantation. In fact, they will insist you help them in the gardening. If you are looking some help to inspire the young minds for the gardening, you can consider the following tips.

Make it fun

You will have to make it fun if you want your child’s participation. You can take them to a garden and can try to relate the flowers and fruits with a fairy tale. It will be easier. You can say that how a seed will become a flower and how your kid needs to support the entire process. You can choose the beautiful flowers, the ones those are in his book. You can also choose the fruits that he likes.

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Choose the tools

Kids love to play with the tools. If you will give them a reason to play, then they will find it more fun. If you have more than one kid, they will certainly find it something new to play with. While choosing the tools, make sure that these are safe and will not harm your kids in any manner. You can choose the tools of beautiful colors and shapes to make it more fun and entertaining. You can buy a pretty watering of your kid’s size. You will find them watering the plants. You can also teach them how to use those tools and how to clean them after the use. If your kid is assisting you in the gardening, then you will have to observe them throughout to ensure that they are safe and are not doing anything harmful.

Buy gardening gears

If you buy the gardening gears, your kids will love it like anything. They will love the gloves, goggles, clothes, and the gardening shoes. In fact, these things will inspire them to assist you in the gardening. They will love the gloves, shoes, and the goggles and would like to utilize them in the different ways. If you are familiar with the kids, you might have realized that how the kids feel motivated to do a new job when they have the new accessories.

Allow them to choose the plants

All the kids want some independence and control. If you want to inspire them for the gardening, you will have to allow them to choose the plants. You should allow them to choose any flower of their preference. You can also design a small separate garden for them in your garden. You need to tell them that it is their responsibility to take care of the plants of their garden as you take care of your garden. Once you will give them the responsibility, you will notice that they are following your step for the proper growth of the plants. They will learn how to water the plants, how to remove the dead leaves, and how to compost them. They can do the job flawlessly under your supervision.

Choose easy to grow plants

While planning gardening for your kids, you will have to choose the easy to grow plants. You will have to choose some plants that can be grown with minimal care. If the process will be time-consuming and tedious, then younger kids will lose the interest. You will have to choose something like squash, radish, sunflower, lettuces, tomatoes, peas, and beans. All these plants can be grown easily with a little care.

Teach them to plant the seeds

You will have to teach some basics to your kids just like watering and planting. You do not need to teach them. You just need to practice it in their presence. They will feel motivated to do it. You can inspire them to plant the seeds in the cardboard egg cartons. At the time of the transferring the seeds, you should allow them to plant the whole things on the ground. They will see the transition and will love it.

Include wildlife

You can include the wildlife in the garden to make it more fun and exciting. You can add something like a bird feeder, birdbath, and feeders for the wildlife like the hedgehogs, squirrels, and possums. If you have enough space in your garden, you can have a small pond with fish. It will enhance the look of your garden and will inspire your kids to spend more time in the garden.

You will have to follow these things to inspire your kids to grow a garden. In addition to the above, you will have to appreciate them for their participation and enthusiasm.


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