5 Surprising Facts When Taking Care Of Your Baby

Having a tiny human living in your home will pretty much be the most tiring, unique, and hilarious experience of you and your spouse’s life. If you’re a first time dad or mom you might be wondering what to expect when you take that tiny little child you two created home with you. Here are a couple things InnerParents have learned about having a newborn that should help in quieting some of your questions and fears.

1. Your newborn loves being swaddling. It’s common for new parents to wonder if their darling burrito baby is in any way comfortable wrapped like that. Trust us, our newborns most definitely are. Newborn babies are born with what is called a startle reflex. This is what causes your baby to jump while they are asleep. Swaddling your child helps them keep their legs and arms from moving while they are trying to get some rest. Just don’t leave them alone without supervision or they could accidently roll over and put themselves in a dangerous situation.

2. It will be a couple months before your baby develop a steady sleep schedule. Newborn sleep patterns can be predictably, unpredictable. They will want to sleep between 1 and 2 hour stretches throughout the day, between 5 and 10 times after they are first born! The rest of the time they are going to eat. Yep, you’re on call for now.

3. Your newborn needs to burp. Even if your baby convinces you they don’t need to be burped, they definitely do. No matter if they are on the bottle or breast after they are born, their tummies are going to hold little bubbles that need to come out. There a ton of different positions you can try to ensure all of the air is out. Find one that works best for you and your baby and don’t forget to do it.

4. Back is best for sleeping. Even if your baby is settling down for a short day nap, you should always place your little one on his or her back. Experts say that this is the safest position for a happy healthy baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that this sleep position helps to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). While your baby is sleep, make sure that their head is uncovered and that there are no pillows and blankets in their crib.

5. Newborns and babies don’t need baths everyday. While your little one still has their umbilical stump, you should only wipe them down with a rag or sponge. Once it has fallen off, you can switch to a semi-normal type of bath. 1 to 2 baths for newborns per week is plenty! Their skin is dry and you don’t want to intensify it with too much soap. Be sure to always support your baby’s head and neck during bath time.

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