12 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

When it comes to our children, we want them to have the best. This includes the best place for them to work, study, play, and sleep. There are many options you have when it comes to decorating your child’s room and it can admittedly be a little overwhelming but we are here to help. In this article, we are going to look at 12 creative ways to decorate your child’s bedroom in a way that they will love. 

  • Personalized Wall Art

Canvas prints, peel-off stickers, and wall decor are easy to find nowadays no matter what design you want. These are a fantastic and easy way to add some flair to your kid’s room. When they outgrow them - as kids do - you aren’t going to be out of luck either. Simply take them off and replace them as your child’s preferences change and grow. This is even a fairly inexpensive way to decorate your child’s room as well. 

  • Child-Height Organization

Make things like coat racks and shelves at your child’s height. This is more than just cute and kid-sized, though. It will also help your child stay organized as they will find it easier to hang their jacket up and put toys and books back on their shelf. Once again, you can adjust this as your child grows. 

  • Don’t Shy Away from Patterns

Don’t be afraid of patterns either. Especially if you are aiming for a white or monochromatic room, break it up with fun colors and patterns. This brings an upbeat, childish tone to the room, making things bright and happy. 

  • Use Hand-Created Details

Arts and crafts can be fun but they can be useful as well. By adding handmade details to your child’s room, you are really personalizing it in a way that only you can. This offers a fun touch to their room and saves you money on more expensive decorations as well.  

  • Utilize Glow in the Dark Paint

Almost any craft store has a unique and underused item; glow in the dark paint. Now, we aren’t saying paint your whole walls in the glow in the dark paint. Rather, paint accents, such as a moon and stars on the ceiling. Just enough to add a creative touch in your child’s room but not so much that it is overpowering. 

  • Make a Display Space

Children love putting their things on display so, it is only fitting to have a display space in their room. The most traditional way to do this is to put a cork board up, allowing them to pin up whatever they would like. However, you can also help them hang things up around the room, set up a space on the dresser to set their favorite toys, or a million other options. Just allow them to have a way to showcase their favorite things as they wish. 

  • Handprint Growth Border

We all remember the growth chart in our bedrooms. Every few months, you go and you measure yourself, leaving a wall of tally marks to show how much taller you had gotten from the first time you could stand onward. However, you can update this idea with a handprint border. Make a border around the room and every few months, add a handprint to it. This allows you to see the growth of your child in a unique way. 

  • Personalize a Bit

Don’t be afraid to go a little further and do something like make a headboard for your child’s bed. It isn’t as hard as you probably think it is and it’ll give your child a one-of-a-kind bed that they’ll love. 

  • Let Your Child Help

For pieces that you know will be replaced, help your child paint and decorate them. This will definitely give them a unique look and since they will outgrow them, there’s no long-term harm done either. 

  • Create a Mobile

If you are designing a nursery, create a mobile for above your baby’s crib. This is a great way to personalize the room and it isn’t hard to do at all. 

  • Play with Color

A child’s room is different from most adult rooms in that you can have fun with color. Painting their room in a variety of bright colors allows for you to bring a childish glee to the room that it might not have had before. 

  • Create a Homework Space

Another thing to do for older kids is to create a study space. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a desk and comfortable chair will do. It will help your child stay organized and have a comfortable place to sit down and do their homework.