7 Must-Try Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

Breastfeeding is often touted as the utmost natural act of feeding the baby. However, it takes time, practice and a lot of trial and error to get it right. In the beginning, breastfeeding may feel awkward and it may not always be that natural to some mothers. While some may manage to hack the secrets in breastfeeding, others may need to breastfeed for a bit longer and even use some formula supplementation. This is a choice that every mom has to make depending on her baby needs. To make breastfeeding comfortable, mothers must try out different breastfeeding position that works for both of them.


First off, there is no right or wrong way to breastfeeding the baby. The right breastfeeding position is one that is comfortable and works for them both. Most mothers will find that there are certain breastfeeding positions and holds that make them feel comfortable and efficient for feeding the baby. It is important to spend the time to find out what position works best for the mother and the baby.

Since you’re guaranteed to spend a couple of hours every day breastfeeding, you will need to be comfortable. We have rounded up some of the best-tested breastfeeding positions to try out for new moms. Let’s get started.

The Cradle

This position is the most common breastfeeding positions among moms. In fact, mothers can use it in any environment whether in public or at home. The cradle hold is where the mom supports the baby with the arm that is on the breast’s side where the baby is feeding on. It is a good position during the first few weeks of nursing. As such, mothers who have had C-section may find it hard adapting to this position so they may look for an alternative method.  Otherwise, it’s a go-to position that keeps the baby safe and secure while breastfeeding.

The Cross-Cradle

Among other breastfeeding positions, the cross-cradle hold is a good choice for fresh mothers who are still in the early stages of nursing their babies. The position allows the mother to support the baby while they get used to suckling efficiently.

To use this position, use your arm to hold the baby’s head, while the forearm should hold your baby at the back. Ensure the baby is resting horizontally on your arm on the same side of the breast. Meanwhile, you should use one hand to shape guide the baby towards the breast. It can be hard to get a latch in the beginning, but the mother can use the supporting hand to guide the baby.

Side-lying position

For babies that love midnight snacks, this is the position for you. In this position, lie on the side with the baby facing her. You can use a pillow or something soft to position your baby until they attain the right breastfeeding height. When the baby feels your nipple, he or she will position themselves to feed the baby and the nose will angle away for easy breathing, suckling and eye contact.

Some mothers may prefer latching while sitting up, then slowly lie on the side until they find a comfortable side-lying position.

Football hold

This nursing position is also known as the clutch hold and it’s the easier to learn for new mothers. As the name suggests, the football hold will require you to hold the baby the same way she might hold a football. In this case, the baby is tucked under her arm on the side just like a football then held with one arm while supporting the breast with the other arm.

For extra support, the mother can hold her breast and direct it to the baby’s mouth. To ensure you’re relaxed, sit down in a comfortable position and place a pillow under the baby to support their back.

Mothers who have undergone C-sections may find this position pain-free hold for them. This nursing position is a good for breastfeeding twins.

Upright breastfeeding

Some moms may find that the milk flows fast for the baby. An upright breastfeeding position can help slow down the flow. It is also known as the Koala hold. At this point, the baby should sit upright while facing you. Straddle your knee for easier latching. Support the baby with the arm on the same side as the baby feeding position. Ensure you support your breast with the other hand, just like the football hold position.

Laid-back breastfeeding

Many new moms love the laid-back position because it’s comfortable for the baby and mom. To get it right, recline back enough to ensure you don’t have to provide much support to the baby but maintain eye contact. Place the baby on your chest, tummy down. The laid-back position is comfortable and easily adjustable for mothers who have gone through C-section. It also ensures the milk flows fast as the baby suckles.

Position for Twins

For mothers who have twins, it means you will do simultaneous breastfeeding which can be tricky and stressful. For new moms, it’s certain that they have not yet learned how to breastfeed the twins at the same time. So, start by breastfeeding each baby separately. When you’re ready to nurse simultaneously, try out these positions:

Double-cradle hold

At this point, each baby lies in the crook of the mother’s elbow while resting on the mother’s lap. This nursing position perfect for tending in the cycle, with pillows stacked under both babies.

Double-football hold

The mother can place a pillow or something soft on their lap and let the babies rest under your arms just like a football. Using your hands, gently support them and feed.

Wrapping it Up

Regardless of what breastfeeding position you choose, it is important to keep this in mind. Choose a comfortable place chair and use pillows for extra support on your back. Also, as you nurse, use you’re the free hand to support your breast and finally, support your baby to ensure they are comfortable and secure when latching on.

You can experiment with more than one nursing position until you find the most comfortable for you and your baby.

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