Keeping The Bedroom Up-To-Date


When you want to rest after a long and hard day, your bedroom is the place you go to. It’s the place you go when you want to relax and feel comfortable, but at the same time, it's the place we least pay attention to when it comes to the interior designing and whether it's up-to-date or not. In bedrooms, we mainly seek feeling comfortable than keeping up with the trends. But have you ever considered the interior design of your bedroom and how it affects you?

The interior design of your bedroom can have a significant impact on you. The interior design of our bedroom can affect your mood, and it can make you calm, comfortable, and ready for the next day or it can be a place where you don’t feel comfortable in it and just need it to sleep. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and at the same time have a functional and comfortable bedroom. There are a lot of bedroom trends that looks nice and stylish but not practical nor comfortable.

However, there are still a few simple things that you can change in your bedroom that will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and feel comfortable at the same time.

The Walls

We may ignore the walls in our bedrooms, but they are the main thing that affects the theme of the bedroom. Painting the walls white may seem like an outdated idea. However, white looks elegant and gives you the space to change the theme of your bedroom anytime you want. Also, it will let you be flexible when choosing the furniture and the designs of the bedroom.


Unlike other wall colors, painting the walls white will not force you to select specific colors, you will be able to choose the furniture you want freely.  You can add green, brown or cream furniture. White will show the pieces in your bedrooms more especially with warm colors. You can even choose a simple and traditional wooden bed frame and furniture, and it will still look elegant with white and up-to-date. If you don't want plain white, you can choose shades of white or bright colors will still have the same impact.

Along with the white walls in your bedroom, you can add a painting with a wooden frame over the bed that will create a perfect theme for the bedroom. If you're not interested in arts, you can add a wallpaper with patterns that go along with the bedroom. A wallpaper with a pattern will create a high focal point, and the rest of the bedroom walls can be colors coming from the pattern of the wallpaper, or it can be plain white that will show off the bedroom's décor.

The Furniture

The furniture you choose in your bedroom can create a comfortable and calm environment. Having a theme in your bedroom can make decorating effortless and simple, but it can be outdated after a while. To have up-to-date bedroom furniture, choose a color and go with its shades for the furniture. This way the shades will give you a comfortable feeling, and at the same time, it will look trendy.  If you like classic décor, you can add wooden furniture along with light colored furniture. The wooden dresser in your bedroom can give both the modern look and the vintage look to your bedroom.

Platform beds

Platform beds not only gives a modern and up-to-date look but also it’s very comfortable. Kevin Sykes from says that using a platform bed in the master bedroom provides the room with a sleeker look by eliminating the need for a box spring. The platform bed with dark colors give the bedroom an elegant and modern style. If you like to change your bedroom décor now and then, you will not need to change the platform bed as it goes with all styles and themes. Platform beds are not only stylish and trendy, but they are also healthier and more comfortable than regular beds.

To have an up-to-date bedroom doesn't always mean to be uncomfortable. There are a lot of simple things like the lighting or wall colors that can have a significant impact on the rest of the room and can make you more comfortable in it. You can choose furniture and wall colors that can go with the latest trends and still makes you calm. The primary key is to choose a base color for your bedroom and go with the shades so your eyes would be comfortable. Too many colors or patterns in the bedroom can make you uncomfortable.