6 Unplugged Road Trip Activities for Kids


A road trip is a rite of passage for many families. It is a time for families to see new sights, play games, dig into signature dishes, enjoy one another’s company and create memories. But sitting in a car for hours on end during a road trip isn’t the most exciting thing to do. Lucky for you, there are so many ways you can entertain your kids with and without technology. In this post, we are going to look at how you and your kids can unplug for a while and enjoy some quality family time.

1. Travel Journals

Documenting the road trip in a travel journal is one of the best car travel activities for kids. Travel journals help to preserve the road trip memories, stories, discoveries and descriptions of people, places and things the family has encountered.

Before you hit the road, give each child a notebook to use as a travel journal. Ask them to write and sketch what they see and what they do at different places during the trip. They can also use the notebooks to add postcards and stickers to give it a scrapbook feel. Remember to bring some small scissors and glue sticks for this.

2. Travel Toys

Road trip toys can make the difference between a memorable family trip and a long journey you’d rather forget. The best toys will keep your kids entertained and yourself sane. The best option for road trip toys are ones that are lightweight, mess-free, noise-free and easy to pack in a carry-on bag or the backseat. Be sure to go for games that appeal to kids of different ages, interests and can be fun for the entire family. Some great travel-friendly toys you can pack for the kids include:

Activity trays – activity trays are a great way to keep the kids colouring and drawing while traveling.
Pegs and pegboard set – not only do these sets enhance your kids colour sorting, colour matching and counting skills, but they also keep the children busy playing quietly while on a road trip.
Writing tablets – writing tablets are great for creative expression as well as keeping kids entertained during a road trip.
Magnetic and wooden puzzles – these puzzles are perfect for keeping the kids busy on a long road trip.

3. Travel Games

Travel games are a great way to while away hours on the road. Pack games that are portable, take little space and engage the kids. Some trip games you can try out are:

Bingo – with travel bingo, everyone keeps a lookout for items on the bingo card. When anyone sees an item, they mark it on their bingo card.

Scavenger hunts – this game is sure to keep the entire family entertained during a road trip. The object of the game is to spot road signs, licence plates and types of vehicles along your route.

Tic Tac Toe – this classic game of Xs and Os is much loved by kids and adults alike. The game is easy to learn and very entertaining. If you’re looking to hone your skills, try to learn best tic tac toe strategy to win.

Classic games like I spy, would you rather, make shapes out of clouds, and the alphabet game can also keep everyone entertained during the trip.

4. Reading

There is nothing like settling in with a great book on a long road trip, especially if you aren’t susceptible to motion sickness. The kids will also appreciate reading a good book during the trip. Visit your local bookstore or library and grab some books about your route and destination. Guidebooks, interactive workbooks, atlases, and destination-based fiction are great materials you may want to pack.

If your kids aren’t into reading, try reading a book out loud to them – it will keep their minds active and the backseat quiet.

5. Colouring/Craft Projects

Drawing, colouring, and making travel crafts are other great activities for kids on car trips. Keep a basket in between the children’s car seats replete with colouring books, scratch off pictures, notebooks, blank papers, crayons, tape, markers, and pipe cleaners. Easy access means you won’t have to turn around every now and then to help.

If you’re road tripping to a popular destination, take the time to find colouring pages that are related to that area. Alternatively, you can find online colouring pages on your kid’s favourite subject and print them out.

6. Snacking

Snacks are key to keeping kids happy and engaged during a long road trip. Find snacks that are healthy, not messy and that kids will enjoy. Treats like fresh and dried fruits, whole nuts, granola bars, trail mix, cut veggies, pretzels, and yogurt are a great option. Be sure to give each kid their own snack bag so they don’t fight over the treats.

There you have it – six unplugged road trip activities that’ll keep your kids engaged during your road trip. These activities will also engage the whole family and help you enjoy the ride. After all, getting there is half the fun!



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