The Big Holiday Post! Small Living Magic + Free Printable Gift Planners + Free Printable Baby's First Christmas and Holiday Stickers!

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We, a family of three, live in a very small condo unit. By small, sometimes my work office feels more spacious than my home. Since that is the case, in order to keep our sanity (especially since we have a little monkey for a toddler, yes that's Phil), we need to be neat, tidy, and free of clutter. We've perfected a magic called "Small Living Magic TM." The trick to having a home full of zen and joy is to say NO to clutter and excess, and YES to neat and tidy, and of course simplicity. We also think small: do we need it? If no, maybe we shouldn't buy it.

To bring holiday and Christmas cheer into our tiny home, we decorated a small Christmas "tree" that we bought from Whole Foods Market. It takes up as much space as any other potted plant!


We lit up my favorite Lego set; my little Christmas Village is magical! (I have some weird characters in my village to the left, I know...)

We have a small decoration on our office table. We bought this from a store last year in Montreal. It's unbranded and I don't remember where it was from.

Here are our hanging mirror "snowflakes" and lit tree lights! What do you think of these little festive touches that we've added to our small home?

>>Download Here: Free Printable Holiday Gift Planner Worksheets for Family, Friends, and Coworkers<<




Phil and Mama wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year! We have one more post to publish before we take a break to enjoy family and friends for the holidays!