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How to build a modern garage with lots of storage space

Hi friends! We're in the process of transforming our garage into a modern storage space that resembles a "Tesla dealership." The project should be finished in time to welcome our Tesla Model 3! To start, we've hacked five Billy Bookcases and created a modern storage unit that blends with the walls of the garage!

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The Healing Magic of Amigurumi Crochet (+ Free Cute Amigurumi Patterns!)

Come on a healing journey with Mama Kat. Learn about the powerful healing magic of amigurumi and crocheting, and score some great free crochet amigurumi patterns! Jiggly Puff Keychain amigurumi pattern included as a free printable pattern! Make cute amigurumi dolls and keychains today! 

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Easy way to start a bullet journal with free printables, stickers, and bullet journal word of the year inspiration!

I'm a neat-freak and A+ organizer, genuinely intrigued by the analog system of Bullet Journals. Check out lovely free printables and printable stickers to help you start your own bullet journal, and inspiring word of the years to kick start the process for you. 

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Giant Surprise Play Doh Eggs and Other Addictive Youtube Videos: Disney Princess Moana and Elsa as a Vampire!

Ever wonder what type of videos earn the most views and money on Youtube? You'll be surprised to find out that they are homemade videos where adults (or children) play with toys such as Shopkins, Legos, Play Doh and Frozen dolls! These videos are a hit with younger children who watch Youtube videos on loop. Lately, people dressing up like Spiderman, Batman, the Joker, Ariel, Elsa, Anna or My Little Pony characters are also a hit. Mama Kat explores this trend and shows off Phil and Mama's newly launched Youtube channel, Phil and Mama Toys, and their giant surprise play doh eggs and learning videos!

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The Big Holiday Post! Small Living Magic + Free Printable Gift Planners + Free Printable Baby's First Christmas and Holiday Stickers!
Baby's First Year: Free Printable (Circus-Themed) Baby Month Signs for Photographs (Plus FREE Circus Birthday Party Printables!)