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How the KonMari Method sparked joy in our wallets: How to make and save money using the KonMari method

Did you know that you can spark joy in your wallets by using the KonMari Method? Thank you Marie Kondo for helping us save money and make a few extra bucks!

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How to build a modern garage with lots of storage space

Hi friends! We're in the process of transforming our garage into a modern storage space that resembles a "Tesla dealership." The project should be finished in time to welcome our Tesla Model 3! To start, we've hacked five Billy Bookcases and created a modern storage unit that blends with the walls of the garage!

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How to maximize storage space in a small bedroom

Find out how to maximize storage space in a small bedroom, while having a tight budget. Phil and Mama show you how they built a "mother-in-law" unit using cleverly placed IKEA furniture. 

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the life-changing magic of throwing out your sh*t: busy new mama's art of decluttering and organizing
Use the KonMari Method to stage a home designed to sell! (How we got four offers from buyers in two days for our home!)

Even with Winter Storm Niko around the corner, buyers flooded to our home for private showings. Less than a week after we listed our home, we received three offers (one above listing price, one below listing price) and buyers continue to flow through out door. What's our secret to success? We used the KonMari Method to stage and how our home. Staging is an art of illusion, and we're masters of it. 

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KonMari Method for Folding Baby Clothes, Onesies, Sweaters, Pants, Overalls. Clearing closet space for baby. Magical Adventure Continued!