How the KonMari Method sparked joy in our wallets: How to make and save money using the KonMari method

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Hi friends! Bet you’ve been watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. Around four years ago, I picked up her bestselling book:

and have embraced her methods of decluttering and folding since then. Folding the laundry and filing away our clothes takes about an hour every time!



I’ll admit that I don’t do her whole “hug the item and thank it” hoopla, but I do return, donate, sell, or toss out things that no longer spark joy in me. I recently purchased a jacket that made me look like Mrs. Santa Claus, so I quickly returned it. We also embrace a “small-living” mentality as a family. We only buy things we need, and very rarely do we buy things we want. We never buy in bulk, and we’ve never had Costco or BJ’s memberships.

We have Marie Kondo to thank (arigato!). A few years ago, we used her KonMari methods to stage our small condo and sold it for all cash and more than asking price! The KonMari Method not only sparked joy in our lives, but in our wallets! With our condo sold, we were able to move from NYC to Seattle, and get a mortgage for a new house.

In our current home, we are all about minimalism, tidiness, and decluttering. We continue to use the KonMari Method in our daily lives, and our own “small-living magic.” It’s all about buying what you need, stop buying in bulk, and give it a few days before you give into buying what you want. Read e-books vs paperbacks. Bring one or two tote bags when you shop for groceries so you limit the amount of items you buy, and you don’t end up with plastic or paper bags cluttering your homes. Use compostable utensils and plates when you host gatherings, and don’t procrastinate in sorting and disposing of your mail.

Don’t give into the need to stuff every shelf, nook and cranny in your house. Check out our closet below. We’ve been in our new home for over a year now and we still have empty shelves! (Most of our shirts are folded and filed away.)

Do you want to spark joy in your life and in your wallets too? Here are some tips:

  1. Buy only what you need, and hold off buying what you want. (This will help you save money.)

  2. If you’re selling your home, make sure to declutter and tidy it up using the KonMari method, and stage the heck out of it to attract buyers.

  3. When you can, bring only a few reusable tote bags on every grocery run, forcing you to buy less.

  4. Donate, return, or sell items that no longer spark joy in your life.

  5. Allow areas of emptiness in your home. No need to fill every empty space with decorations or things!

Don’t forget to check out my KonMari Method videos on YouTube! How do you feeling about the KonMari method? Are you all about tidiness, decluttering, and minimalism? Or is it all just hoopla?

When that one shirt isn’t folded using the KonMari method!

When that one shirt isn’t folded using the KonMari method!