Why I fell in love with the Allbirds Tree Toppers. Why the Allbirds Tree Toppers are my favorite Allbirds

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Quick update: On March 16, 2019, I walked 17,915 steps wearing my Allbirds Tree Toppers across three malls in Burnaby, BC and Richmond BC. That’s eight miles of trekking! My feet weren’t smelly at the end of the day. They didn't hurt either. Kudos, Allbirds Tree Toppers!

Hi friends! Recently I purchased a pair of Allbirds Women’s Tree Toppers in “limited-edition” Kauri Fiddle-leaf (green) with white soles. I’ve been wearing them exclusively for over a week, in rainy and not-too-cold Seattle. They’ve been supremely comfy, and they have renewed my confidence in Allbirds.

The Tree Toppers are also very pretty and fashionable. I commend Allbirds for producing a minimally-branded shoes that are still very recognizable. The Tree Toppers are also sustainable and have carbon-footprint. They’re made from eucalyptus plant fibers and sugar cane. They are priced higher than all the other Allbirds at $115, which is twenty dollars more expensive than the Tree Runners, Loungers, Skippers, and the Wool Runners and Loungers. That’s one of my qualms about the Tree Toppers. They should be priced the same as all the other Allbirds (except for the toddler line, which are much cheaper).

On the first day of wearing my new Allbirds Tree Toppers, I received compliments. Win!


I never have any complaints with Allbirds packaging. You can reuse the box if you decide to send the shoes back for returns or exchanges. The packaging is minimalist and pretty.

from allbirds.com

from allbirds.com

Sizing and fit

Allbirds suggests you go up in size if you wear half sizes. These shoes stretch, so if you wear a woman’s 8.5, I suggest you go with woman’s 8 in US sizing. They run long, and my pair in size 8 still offers plenty of room for my toes. After prolonged wear, I felt they conformed to my feet and stretched out. If they don’t fit well, send them back for an exchange.


Although these shoes are stretchy, they are narrow, and will not afford a lot of space for wider feet and for people with bunions. Bunions will poke and stretch out the sides of the shoes.

First wear

At first, the Allbirds Tree Toppers will feel tight, so loosen the shoelaces, or re-do them as you please. They were hard for me to slip in, and during my first days of wearing these shoes, they felt very tight above my Achilles tendon, and they felt like they were digging into the bottom of my calves. I do have thick calves (alas!) but after a few more days of wearing, the shoes stopped feeling so tight, and stopped digging into the back of my calves.

Supportive shoes?

You can change out the padded insoles with supportive arch inserts, or your prescribed orthotic inserts. I have flat feet and weak ankles, but feel these high top shoes are quite supportive. I haven’t replaced the padded insoles. My ankles haven’t rolled in, I haven’t tripped, or felt ankle pain after a day of walking in my Tree Toppers.

How do they look and feel?

I’m surprised the toe humps, that I detest so very much, are less noticeable with Allbirds Tree Toppers. Maybe it’s also because the Kauri Fiddle-leaf is a darker color, so it masks the toe humps. The Allbirds Tree Toppers feel very good, like a loving sheep caressing and kissing my feet. You feel like you’re walking on clouds as the sugar SweetFoam outer soles conform to your gait and every step. I have a feeling Allbirds will continue to invest in their Tree lines and slow down with the wool lines, as they have Tree Toppers, Loungers, Runners, and Skippers now, and only Wool Runners and Loungers.

Care Q&A

-Do Allbirds get wet? Yes they do. Don’t jump onto a puddle of water. Some rain can wick or bead off the top, but if you’re not wearing socks, and the rain or water soaks through the top, you will feel it.

-Can you wash Allbirds? Yes you can, in a machine. I would recommend putting them in a linen bag. Make sure to air-dry them afterward.

-Are Allbirds Tree Toppers good for bunions? Not really, they are too narrow. They do stretch, but you will see the outline of your bunions.

-Can you wear Allbirds without socks? I prefer to wear Allbirds without socks. Your feet do feet a tad moist from prolonged wear, but they won’t be too stinky.


Unfortunately, they are not chew proof. My dog, Panda, already chewed up the laces. Dangit! I’m sure Allbirds will still accept them for a return, but I’m keeper my Tree Toppers!

Returns and Exchanges

You can wear your Allbirds to the moon and back and return or exchange them within 30 days. Go to this website to start a return or exchange, and have your order number handy: https://help.allbirds.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011778748-How-do-I-make-a-return-or-exchange-

Final Thoughts

Finally, an Allbirds that I fell in love with at first sight and wear! A pretty and comfortable, low-carbon-footprint and sustainable shoe that’s machine-washable. What’s not to love? Of course, it’s not water-repellant or resistant, understandable, and the price can hurt your wallet at $115 per pair. It would be perfect if you can toss the shoe into the machine to dry, but don’t do that!

Phil and Mama awards the Allbirds Tree Toppers with 4 out of 5 Pandas, and will not be returning this shoe. What are your thoughts about these shoes? Are you in love as well? Or did you return your pair? Let us know, friends. Happy walking! And have a Happy New year! Xoxo, Mama Kat.

Update March 2019: Hi friends. I’ve had these shoes for almost three months now and I’m still loving them. They are actually warm in the wintertime, without socks, in Seattle. They are super comfy. I can see why Allbirds has legions of fans!

Which Allbirds should you choose? If you can only afford one pair of Allbirds, I say go with the cute Tree Toppers! There’s a reason why there are so many versions of the trees and still only two versions of the wool. I called it, friends!