Why I'm disappointed with my Vessi Everyday 100% vegan and waterproof shoes

Hi friends! My quest for a sock-free life continues. I just received my a pair of Vessi Everyday vegan, waterproof shoes in Dusty Rose. Vessi Footwear is a Canadian-based company, and built off the foundation of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their shoes are made in Taiwan. (By the way, you get free shipping to the US, Canada and Taiwan.)

I first learned about Vessi from Facebook ads—ads so subliminal that I had no recollection seeing. (Facebook will survey you months after you see or click on an ad, to see if you had made a purchase or not.) Months after seeing the ad, I researched vegan shoes and found Vessi.

What had also drawn me to the shoes was the fact that you can wear them sans socks. Yes! I hate wearing socks. Another plus is that they’re completely waterproof, yet breathable. We all know our rain boots are not breathable! And yet, here comes Vessi, all breathable and waterproof. Kinda hard to believe, right?

I pre-ordered my Dusty Rose Vessi Everyday shoes months in advance, and I just received them on 5/18/19.




They were discounted due to my pre-order. Normally, they’re priced at $150 a pair. I got my pair for $135. The price is reasonable for a pair of runners, I guess. You are buying the technology; they’re vegan and waterproof.

Here comes the disappointments


My Vessi Everyday shoes come in a branded box with zero care instructions. The Vessi shoebox is a standard shoe box. I think Allbirds, with their soy-ink instructions printed on their special shoe boxes, has spoiled me. I had to read through the FAQ section at vessifootwear.com to learn about how to care for my new Vessi shoes.


The shoes fit well, width wise. I have wide feet, so people with narrow feet may find them too wide. My pair is size 8 in woman’s. A size 7.5 might have fit me better, but Vessi does not come in half sizes. I think wearers will have problems with the sizes. My pair leaves about a half-inch gap between the toe boxes and my big toes. Length-wise, it’s too long for my feet.


I think these shoes might work for people with bunions, as they’re wide enough. The shoes are also stretchable.

Wear and Feel

You’ll have to stretch the opening of the shoe before putting them on. They’re not an easy to slip-on shoe, and while they are stretchy, they hug your feet tightly. No socks are needed. Imagine wearing a rain-boot that fits quite snugly around your feet, like a tight sock. Your heels will not slip out of these shoes.

The outside of the shoe is breathable vegan material. The inner lining of the shoe is purported to be “magical” and waterproof. Very quickly, my feet felt hot and moist inside of the shoes. After half an hour of continuous wear, they came out sweaty. I sorta feel like my feet are in snug plastic bags, or in swimming shoes (or aqua shoes).

Latex Allergy

 “If you have a latex allergy, we wouldn't recommend wearing Vessis. The midsoles are made out of lightweight EVA, and the outsole is made of rubber. There is a chance that you would have similar reactions to the rubber material.”-vessifootwear.com

Also, these shoes have a strong smell. My dog was lying on one of the shoes, and her fur retained some of the new shoe smell. They smell like rubber, like new tires.

Not Machine-washable

Vessi recommends that you wash your Vessi shoes with warm water and soap, and then air-dry them. They can not be washed in the machine. You will destroy the waterproof properties of your Vessi shoes if you toss them into the machine for a wash.

Not completely waterproof

You shouldn’t dunk them in water, or puddles that are deeper than your ankles. Salt water and chlorine water may destroy the waterproof flash-knit properties of the shoes, so you really can’t swim with them on in a pool or beach. They’re great for navigating cities on rainy days, though. I think Seattleites will appreciate Vessi shoes.



Return policy

“You have 30 days from your delivery date to request a return or exchange. All items must be unworn, unused and accompanied by the original packaging. Shipping costs and duties are non-refundable.” -vessifootwear.com

Here’s what I do like about the Vessi Everyday shoes

Although most of the Vessi Everyday shoes is made from polyester, polyurethane, rubber and lightweight Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), the other parts of the shoe, such as the glue and some of the rubber are made with vegan materials. Vessi doesn’t specify exactly what vegan materials, though I can venture a guess (corn, bamboo, potato starch, etc…).

The minimalistic design with minimal branding reminds you of Allbirds. The muted colors are pleasant, especially in Dusty Rose (pink).

The shoes are flexible and lightweight. You don’t see toe humps (yes) and the build of the shoes is solid. There’s a good amount of arch support, and the inner sole is removable, so you can always slip in your custom orthotics.

They are pretty comfortable, and the soles have ridges, which makes them less slippery and builds traction.

Plus, my feet look cute in the shoes.

Return Yay or Nay

I am still debating as to whether or not I will return my Vessi Everyday shoes. I do not have any waterproof shoes. (Yes, I know, I live in Seattle-area now and I still don’t have a pair of rain boots.) I do like how cute these shoes are, how I can go around sock-less, and how they are waterproof. I still need to test them in the rain and in rain puddles. After testing their waterproof properties outdoors, I won’t be able to return them. But I will let you know, whether or not I keep them with a future updated review.

So, my friends, what do you think of the Vessi vegan shoes?

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Friends, I have decided to return these shoes. I did not test their waterproof properties prior to returning them. They felt too snug and unbreathable, and I was disappointed with how I couldn’t just toss them into the washing machine. Most of my shoes are machine-washable. Length-wise, they were too long, and I didn’t want to risk sizing down, because then the shoes might be too small. You can’t just slip them on, and after a while, wearing them becomes a chore. I don’t doubt that they have great waterproof properties, but they were just not the shoes for me.

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